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Today, my mother screamed and swore at me because I said I was looking to move out soon. Apparently, the idea of me moving out at 27 and her getting a job to pay her own way is devastating. FML
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Even more reason to move out, make her lazy ass pay her own way.

Damn at 27 my mom would say "Dont let the door hit u in the ass on the way out!"


no, I'm pretty sure America is not the only country in which this has happened in...

Lets see how long it takes for this dipshit to get his comment removed.

Normally I hate when people say something like that about America but I totally agree

Even more reason to move out, make her lazy ass pay her own way.

Your picture rocks! Green Day ftw!

You're 27 and you're now deciding its time to move?

Someone slap some sense into that muggle.

I feel like its already too late for u

I feel like you failed twice with both those texts

It's not a text... This is a comment.

That awful moment when you realise that people of your generation forgot that a text first and foremost is a collection of words forming a text, instead of merely a text message.

The mother may not be "lazy". If she is an older SAHM, she might not have ever had a job. Maybe her husband and then son worked while she kep the home. The thought of being near 50 or 60 with no work experience trying to find a job that will actually support you does sound terrifying. I don't know if that's the case but, if it is, OP should show some compassion. Not a lot of well paying jobs are looking to hire the elderly.

122, if this is the case then I agree with you but I do think that the mother was wrong for screaming and swearing at OP.

Just get the hell out of there. now.

Let her lazy ass do some work

I would have left a looooong time ago

I agree, its about time you moved out

I don't think the mother was upset over OP moving out, but loosing her meal ticket. I think it's really despicable to use someone - especially your own kid!

get out asap dude

Sounds pretty co-dependent to me actually. Hopefully you get out before you become truly trapped.

YDI for having a mother

Damn at 27 my mom would say "Dont let the door hit u in the ass on the way out!"

Thank you #38. Someone had to say it.

There's times for being a smartass and there's times for just saying nothing at all. U just chose the wrong time bud.

^ I agree with u 100%

That's because your mother isn't sponging off you the way the OP's mother is.

Nope, she's a VERY hard worker.

I'm guessing she didn't move out of her parents house until she was 40?

That's probably still her parents house they just moved to a home and she took it over

Independence here you come! Though it sucks that she freaked out. Try sending her money a few times a month if you can.

Or make her start earning her own income like a grown up woman should.

@55. Whats wrong with sending your mother some money? She is the reason that you were born and she has spend alot of money raising you. I understand that the mom sounds lazy in this story, but we don't know the whole story. Maybe the op's mom has been raising her sons for most of her life and hasn't had a payed job in a while. It would be hard to find a new job. My mom has had the same problems. She is a weduwe with 6 kids and my brother (26 years) pays most of the bills, because she can't afford it. I have never seen him complain about it. When my siblings or I get a job, we will be paying the bills too. You shouldn't jump to conclusion without having all the information.

You can't assume that the situations are the same. The way he phrased it in the story is pretty conclusive. His mother just does not want to get a job. Anyways, even if the mother did raise him, legally you do not have to pay for your parents if you do not want to. It's nice your family is like that, but Op does not have to send his mother money when she could have gotten a job as well.

68 - What exactly is a weduwe? Do tell, I am very curious.

@95 she's just saying it could be that situation and she didn't say OP had to send money just that it would be nice if he did every once in awhile. I give my parents money and I'm married with a family its my way of saying 'thanks guys for everything you've done for me, it will never be enough for all the love you give me but here's what I can give you' :)

If my parents need help and it won't hurt me or my family, I help them out because they'd do the same for me. Just because OP didn't say his mother is disabled or anything like that, doesn't mean anything. If OP had said that, a lot of people would be like "wow this dudes a jerk". Plus, there are three sides to every story. His side, his mothers side, and the truth. Stop being so harsh, you don't know the facts. It could be she's a lazy jerk taking advantage of her son or it could be something entirely different.

@104, Sorry about that. I used the dutch word (weduwe) for widow. I didn't even notice it.

68- Nothing wrong at all with sending the parents some money, but from the FML it is pretty safe to assume that OP's mom only wants them around so they don't have to work. That's what I got out of it at least, now of course, you're right we don't know the whole story so I'm just going off of what was given.

I'm 18 and my moms getting mad that I'm still living with her. be happy

I didn't know this FML was about you? Why should they "be happy"? How is your situation any worse than theirs?

Why does everyone have to be such assholes on this site? Geez! He made a comment! That's what the dang site is for! Why jump down his throat for making a comment? Grow up and quit picking fights over the Internet! The guy, simply, made a comment! THIS is the reason why people are so defensive against other commenters! People like YOU make them feel like they're saying the wrong things all the time! It's really sad when one feels like they have to defend their comment because of jerks like you! Like I said before, grow up and quit picking fights with people over the Internet! It's immature and ignorant! We are ALL allowed to comment on this site! And until you become the 'comment police', then keep your hateful comments to yourself!!!

You used a lot of exclamation marks there girl!!!

Lol! Sorry... I just hate when assholes troll people for stupid reasons like that. The funny thing is that 95% of the people talking shit, on this site, wouldn't have the balls to really say it to someones face! No matter how much they say they would! I just wonder 'Why is it so hard to be nice? Why be a complete tool? It doesn't accomplish ANYTHING!' Ya know what I mean?

Desireev- I like you. You're one of the few people who isn't a shallow, insensitive jerk in this site. I don't mean to come off like a creeper, but you seem like a cool chick.

Good for you desireev. I'm ashamed to be apart of the same generation of this asshole. The ignorance and lack of common sense seems to be running rampant throughout current 13-17 year olds. The saddest part is that most of it starts from lack of responsibility and education in the household. Don't get me wrong, I've had my asshole moments on this site, but those are usually asking for it. This was uncalled for.

Lol u mad brah

I agree with desireev about the assholes on this site but wht mrbattleman said isn't all tht hatred.