By kdmoney - 23/09/2011 06:16 - United States

Today, my mother said I am slipping too deep into depression since my boyfriend left for college in Fresno. Her solution: buying me a vibrator. FML
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Just stick a picture of him on your little friend. Use it well young Jedi.


She cares!

Maybe it will help to(o) improve your spelling.

Every time you masterbait, god kills a kitten. :-O

Wait till your boyfriend gets the butt plug she mailed out to him.;)

24- masterbait??...smh

Sounds like #24 is fishing for snapper.(:

Only a pink snapper, I don't like the taste of red ones.

24 - And kittens grow up to be cats. Lotion, anybody?

I don't see the problem here, she is trying to help. You could have fun with this. Skype with your bf let him watch the fun. It won't help the distance, but it might ease the sexual tension.

#79 please go away.

82: please go lick some alligator balls and stfu.


You only have 1 vibrator? I have one for everyday of the week cuz I gotta get down on Friday

Cougar fer sure!

Wow your cool :)

#136 you forgot to show ur face and accidentally just showed ur boobs...OOPS..

That's not awkward at all......

Nope, no awkwardness here.....

Just be glad that if OP turned it down that her mum didn't ask for it back. Now that would be awkward

What would be awkward is if OPs mom didn't actually buy her a new vibrator.

I live in Fresno. Trust me, his life is fucked too.

nice job mommy

Awwwww I love the pic!!!! :D

Arbiter n the cheif are fucking shit up

yeah buddy!!! :3

Why do stupid moms exist?

Hey, blondes got to learn from someone.

So they have children like you.

27 - You might be my new daily FML hero.

When you grow up and have a child, then you'll know.

Because the manuel is out of print

Because the manuel is out of print

Im with 63 on that one! - 27

Just stick a picture of him on your little friend. Use it well young Jedi.

Why are parents so stupid on FML? -_-

Her mom is not stupid. She's just trying to help her kid meet her "needs."

YDI everyone could use a nice vibrator and she thinks u earned it . so good job girl

Why are you stupid. No one cares what you think. The mom isnt stupid. Do us all a favor and stay off FML. Thank you :)

Well it is FML nothing is supposed to be good

Have some fun with that pleasure stick.

At least she didn't set you up on a blind date with some random bum off the street.

is this FML badly written or is it just me?

Boyfriend leave for college. Girl sad. Mother buy vibrator= awkward. I really can not make it any simpler.

I understand it but that doesn't mean that it is a well written FML

The FML wording has since been changed so that it is no longer badly written

Badly written? You might need to rethink the way you word your comments.

What is wrong with saying badly written? It makes perfect sense, whereas the FML before it's correction had several errors. Most of you who are commenting/rating my comments didn't even see the original post so you're opinions are misguided.

I saw the original post, and it was barely different from how it is now. You on the other hand seem unable to distinguish between "it's" and "its" or "you're" and "your", so perhaps turning your attention inwards would benefit you more than whining about being thumbed down.

You're not a well written FML.

"I didn't know what to give you, so I got you this dildo." "Really? Me too."

Spongebob ftw