By AgentFreshers - United States
Today, my mother resolved to never visit McDonald's again. Not because of ethics or health concerns, but because they charged her for extra barbecue sauce. She bitched out the man in the drive-through for a good five minutes, while I sat awkwardly in the passenger's seat. FML
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  life2007  |  0

My first thought lol. I use to work at McDonalds the poor employee has no control over the sauce and how much they can hand out. If the employee gave your mom the sauce without charge the employee gets written up or fired. I've had shit thrown back at me for this rule.


53: well every time I've asked for extra sauce (whether it was one or two) I've ALWAYS gotten it free from McDonalds. I don't know of anyone who has had to pay for extra sauce and personally, if I was charged for the sauce, I'd be kinda mad... it's like charging me for my free refills on drinks.


but if the person has only four nuggets-and thy ask for ten sauces, you have to understand how the managers could get pissed and start charging. I work at mcdonalds and constantly get bitched at bc we charge for an extra sauce.

  Seabass_Chan  |  33

They don't charge for a sauce, but OP indicated in the FML that their mother wanted EXTRA, that could have meant another six packets for all we know. You don't get all the condiments and sauces you want for free.

  KYLAisaBITCH  |  4

I work at BK, and there was a person last night order ONE 4 piece tender, and he wanted 4 BBQ, 3 Buffalo, and 4 Ranch. I give it to him, with no problems. I went to mcdonalds and ordered a 4 piece asked for extra sauce and they bitched!!


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