By emoflowers - United States - Amarillo
Today, my mother made me see the doctor to see if I had irritable bowel syndrome, on the account of how often I go to the restroom. I then had to admit I only go in there to get away from my family. My doctor thought it was hilarious. My mom didn't. FML
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  yaya1213  |  6

Well mayb it's like my house. Maybe OP shares a room or if he goes to his room, they still barge right in. Being in the bathroom I the only excuse for them not to do that.

  hollenbackam  |  12

In the USA, our taxes don't pay for free health care :-/ They charge you an arm and a leg because they can. It's even worse if you don't have health insurance. If you can't afford it, well, that's tough sh*t