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She's a huge bitch.

You can use a feature on Facebook that blocks a certain person from viewing a specific picture. Try that maybe?


She's a huge bitch.

She's so huge that they named a planet after her ass!!!

didnt you know some camera's add about 200 pounds now a days?

Haha literally

Tell her "It's not the photos that make you look fat, it's your fat ass".

She can't sue for that anyways.

Of you rearrange the words in "mother in law", you get "woman hitler", which is what she is.

Woah, this escalated quickly.

Is it wrong that every time I see a "bigger" lady I always think of this line from Duce Bigalow? It always happens.

she should really invest in fakeblock

I agree whole heartedly.

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119 - She shouldn't have been in them if she didn't want them seen by anyone. It's OP's wedding photos that they paid for. Pretty sure they have a right to do with them what they want. Or, you know, she could lose some fucking weight if it bothers her that much.

Deuce Bigalow: Look, I think there's been a mistake. Fluisa: Did you say steak? Deuce Bigalow: No mistake. Fluisa: Oh see now you got me all excited.

Agreed. I have a solution... I would remove all of the photos, bring them up in photoshop, and paste a Snorlax overtop of her in every picture. Then simply put them back online.

You guys who are downvoting #103 don't get the joke. Fakeblock is a reference to a fictional software in a T.V show called Arrested Development. Basically Fakeblock allows you to stop people posting pictures of yourself and stuff

she doesn't want pictures of herself BECAUSE she thinks she looks bad in them not because she wants privacy.

Funny how she has the motivation to sue anyone who uploads a photo of her but not the motivation to simply expend more energy than she consumes. Sad.

You can use a feature on Facebook that blocks a certain person from viewing a specific picture. Try that maybe?

Or just crop her out of all of them.

Cropping that kind of mass and volume will take a looong time

But then you would be cropping out half the photo

You'd have no photo left!

to crop that you would need a bigger monitor

Could replace her with a cartoon whale. Just a thought

you don't crop wedding photos!!!!

Either that as #2 says, or you can just delete the pictures she is present.

Yup. Block her... ...and then tag her as "fatass" for everyone else to see. ...or even better - use multiple tags to cover her: "fatass part 1", "fatass part 2", etc.

This! Do this.

The camera adds 10 pounds How many cameras were on her?

Enough to make Snooki jealous!!!

How many pounds does it add for this FML to be under intimacy?

I got the reference if there was one haha. Joey: Some girl ate Monica! Monica: Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds! Chandler: Oh, so how many cameras were actually on you?

Yeah #3 copied Friends

Of course Phoebe would get the reference

fieldhockeygal97 18

Take the pictures off and use Photoshop and put them back on?

138 - except, since she's being a bitch about it, OP should Photoshop her to look even bigger.

Oh chill, everyone loves friends.

Maybe she doesn't own a mirror and this is the first time she's seen a picture of herself in 30 years.

Those are some lucky mirrors

or maybe the only relfection of herself she has seen is at the carnival in those funky mirrors

Mother-in-lawyer? Sounds like double-trouble -- double-chinned double trouble, at that! A good son-in-law would have paid through the nose to have her Photoshopped down to "chubby."

Why would a lawyer sue her daughter in law for having pictures on Facebook? Seems a bit unreasonable and not a case a judge would take.

#70, to get her way.

And make some coin at that.

Well, it's only natural to hate your mother-in-law, she's making it easy for you.

I see all the FMLs about horrible mother in laws and the whole thing is weird to me. Maybe I got really lucky because my future mother-in-law and I have a really good relationship. It's really unfortunate that mother-in-laws like in this FML are the norm. That being said its probably not a huge task to hate her.

Shes probably one of those people who uploads pictures from highschool. Youre ruining her social media image.

Tell her you are going to sue her for taking up most of the space in YOUR wedding pics.

Fatscinating! lol

#78- They were trying to make a joke.

Yes *trying* but failed

It's her fat making her look fat obviously.