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  tounces7  |  27

It was probably mounted on the wall, but OPs mother is such a piece of shit, and doesn't respect her marriage, that she took it down and out of the frame just to write on it.

By  fkul  |  2

Time to invest in a lock box, preferably a good, fireproof one. It'll also help with other household pests, such as kids and pets. Maybe visit a dollar store and pick up a pack of sticky notes to leave near the phone. Also, change the locks so mother-in-law can't get into the house so easily, or lock her in her cage before you leave for work.

Remember, getting older means learning to stay ahead of problems, especially seemingly unlikely ones such as this one.

Oh, and you can get a replacement "original" from your local government office, if the message is too personal to share with someone at a later date. Most people would probably just laugh, and take your story as more evidence that the license is authentic.