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  Dilwann  |  27

Indeed. Cats can take care of themselves. Put some food bowls outside, they'll survive. And just let her know you don't like the way she's acting. Might make a change. At least try.

  teamlightskin  |  14

Ok, she lives like she is a pig. On the bright side, pigs and dogs are the easiest animals to train! But i dont know if i could live with all those cats. She better not use her hip problems as an excuse not to clean up behind them! If its that bad, then the cats need to go.

By  xXxIracebethxXx  |  14

But she can certainly help her complaining and slob-like tendencies.

OP - Even though she is your mother, tell her to get a grip, or you will put her in a hospital without her precious 8 cats. Threat! Threat! Threat!

  RussianFox  |  13

Exactly OP, Make her tidy up and give some of those kitties up for adoption. Even I can admit that's way to many cats for one house. If she doesn't want to comply OP, kick her out.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Don't let your mother in law walk all over you! She needs to respect your house and your rules. And it sounds like she needs to smarten up. You're being nice by letting her stay there. Make sure she knows you aren't afraid to kick her out.

  kittycat2007  |  18

yes, especially since in most cities it is illegal to own that many cats. Put your foot down op. Explain to yoyr wife that you love her but this is a heavy strain on your marriage/lives and by setting rules you are trying to reduce the stress so *everyone* is happier

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I agree here but there's a small possibility OPs husband didn't run it by her before moving his mother in! if he thought she'd be okay with it he may have just said yes! but still, even if she did know she does have the right to complain if she's being a pain to live with!