By Anonymous - / Sunday 10 July 2011 19:21 / United States
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  flockz  |  19

idk then she might get the same idea i would want no one to hear their inlaws doing the dirty. i dont wanna even imagine the zoo like noises i would hear.

  Slim2306  |  10

It'd be better to wait until she moves in and then move out the next day. make sure her lease/mortgage is signed ensuring she can't follow you and making a clear point that you don't wanna live near her. passive aggressiveness ftw :).

  JoeTheMan12  |  0

tell her that you don't want her in your life and hopefully she will reply with a "oh thanks for telling the truth, now here's 12 grand for you spend on what ever you like darling" ......1% risk free?


OP needs to buy her a dog and make sure it's hyper and loud. Wait 2-3 years and give her time to fall in love with it. Then complain to the landlord about the dig being too loud so she will have to move or get rid of it.

  Lstands4LOSER  |  0

Dude even if they have "experience" or things to "teach", who would wanna fuck some old prehistoric hag? Hey, it could be your own opinion to chase older chicks but doesn't the fact 'Having sex with your mother in law' kinda gross you out?


Today, I came across an old man sitting on the pavement with a bottle of beer in one hand. He was crying. I thought I would be a good Samaritan and see if he was okay. After 15 minutes of hearing about how much his life sucked, he mugged me. FML

By kimftwxox / Tuesday 3 May 2011 02:24 / United Kingdom

Today, I had a concert. At the end, my conductor was recognizing soloists. When he pointed at me, I was confused, but stood up anyway. It turns out he was pointing at the person behind me. I had to awkwardly sit back down in front of over 500 people. FML

By captainwhiskers / Tuesday 23 February 2016 12:48 / United States - San Francisco
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