By Anonymous - United States
  Today, my mother had 'the talk' with me about sex. I spent the entire time confused as to what brought this up, until she mentioned she had found a used condom in the backseat of the car. I haven't had any action in it, and have no idea whose it was. FML
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By  plexico  |  3

You know, we are all not as stupid and gullible as your mother. Plus, we are not in denial that our little girl is getting boned. So, quit lying to us.

If you say you are not getting any action in your car, where ARE you getting it?

By  triplethreat13  |  0

The worst part of a sex talk is finding out WHY you're having a sex talk. My mom's reason was that she read through my texts the day I lost my phone, and I was trying to convince my best friend that he's under the legal age to have sex with his gay boyfriend. I think you got the easier part.


My parents never even gave me the talk... eventually I had to give them the talk because they wanted to know more about the LGBT community and how they have sex (topic brought up because someone we know well is transitioning) and they hardly know a think about it. They wanted to be supportive but they needed more information.
Also I had to have a talk because they're worried I'm gonna have sex and watch porn and they think sex is some evil thing and you only can do it once you get married. I had to explain the different birth controls and other stuff like that. My parents know so little, I'm almost surprised they managed to make three kids.
Honestly, some kids don't need the sex talk. They figure out stuff on their own. Some kids do need it though. There are plenty of dumbasses who know a lot less than they should about sex.