By RecentCollegeGrad
Today, my mother got heartburn. She claimed she only gets heartburn when she is near a pregnant woman. She threatened to kick me out of the house if I didn't take a pregnancy test, despite there being no way I was pregnant. Turns out, I am pregnant, and my mother's ego has never been bigger. FML
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  IDerive  |  12

I'm sure she will try to refrain from ejaculating into a woman next time... We would hate to see her get another woman pregnant by making that same mistake.

  vidala1991  |  12

Pre-ejaculate also carries sperm. So there is no way to keep a woman completely free of the potential for pregnancy even with condoms and the pull out method. If you don't want to get pregnant only 100% sure way is abstinence. But this is 2015 and people are going to do what they want to do.

  Eff_Itt  |  20

@124, it may not be 100% but you can get damn close!
Woman on bc, plus condom, and pulling out. If someone gets pregnant doing all three, that sperm was seriously stubborn and you should be impressed with the future child.


That could actually be why she thought there was no way: you can get pregnant on birth control but because you bleed every months you think you're not but because the bleeding isn't a period, it doesn't mean anything.

  Angelkisses130  |  26

Because it fucking sucks. I was on it for cramps and yes it helped my cramps and pimples but I couldn't wear tampons because it inflamed my cervix and tampons were very painful, it can give you an infection, it kills your sex drive and you're always dry no matter what. Not to mention it fucks with your emotions and can cause blood clots among having fertility problems later down the line. So sure, it may be fine for you, but don't assume it's good for every woman. Birth control is great because you won't be having any sex at all with all the side effects it causes

  confusedAsFuck  |  34

I'm more interested in how the mother knew (heartburn my ass). I'm thinking she kept going into the toilet after her daughter everyday with a pregnancy test, until one day she got the two striped treasure. An elaborate way to inflate her ago and prove her psychic superpowers. But then again, I've been accused of being too paranoid so..

  kenyrabit  |  25

Should've been more careful, Toilet seat left overs might be the father
Even if you abstain or have the safest combination of; spermicide-condoms, an IUD, the calendar method, and pulling out, your uterus' main priority is pregnancy. Be wary, ladies.

  MrsPegg  |  45

No, but unless OP is undergoing hormone replacement therapy or has a hormone secreting tumor, she's preggo. Still, I'm right there with you- multiple pregnancy tests coming right up!

  Bowmana  |  14

False positives are extremely rare, usually only if someone believes they're pregnant (and therefore produce pregnancy hormones) or are on hormone replacement will there be a false positive

  phaelnb  |  26

I'm going to elaborate here on #4. Pregnancy tests on which you urinate on are shit, false positives all the way. It's best to go to a doctor/hospital and ask for a pregnancy test, BetaHCG.


#102 how dense are you? of course there are false positives, have you not heard of hysterical pregnancies? also, hormonal imbalances can cause a false positive. there are many other reasons for a false positive as well.

  NotGabe  |  28

Thanks for clarifying, #4. That's what I meant. Given that her mother was demanding her to get a pregnancy test, I doubt they waited for a scheduled appointment.

  militarybrat  |  21

102. Yeah that is 100% false. Ive had TWO false positives, one blood one urine. Both given by medical professionals. My male friend also had a positive blood pregnancy test. And no he didnt have cancer.

By  MegasaurusRex89  |  28

If there is literally no way you could be pregnant, you need a doctor asap. That's a serious medical condition. Otherwise, there was /some/ way for it to have happened. Hope all's well whatever the case :)