By motherless - 30/01/2013 03:18 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my mother "checked in" to rehab on Facebook. The same rehab that told her to hand over her smartphone. The dumbass was smart enough to steal my phone and dumb enough to get it confiscated. FML
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They tried to confiscate my phone and I said "No, no, no."

Can't you go get it back? FYL OP


Here's to all you stuck up bitches. FIRST!

...and first to get burried in thumbs.

That's so 2002. Can't you jut go to the rehab place and get your phone back?

People like you are why bitches are stuck up.

Too bad your comment is just going to get moderated.

that is the worst excuse for a first comment i have ever seen

Can't you go get it back? FYL OP

You deserve it for the simple reason that you called your mother a dumbass. She brought your dumb ass up and cared for you your whole life, but just because she took your phone you're gonna bitch about it on the Internet? Fuck her life for having a kid like you.

No proof other than, you know, all the contacts Op has on it?

And all the pictures.

Don't most phones have the emergency info stuff.. Like say op is found unconscious, who ever finds op can look at that..

hahhhahaa she's just letting all her friends know shes made it safe and sound to rehab

Can she really be all that dumb if she stole YOUR phone in the first place?

what does that have to do with anything? its pretty easy to steal a phone dumbass, especially from your daughter if she leaves it alone in the room, I hate you.

Geez 46...what did #7 ever do to you?

well #7's comment really did escalate quickly.

It didn't escalate that quickly! Gosh! I hate you!

So young so angryyy DAMN THAT RAP MUSIC!

Are you worried that you never cleared your history on your phone?

I didn't even know Motherless had a mobile version ;)

Which is why you password your phone :-)

its good he didnt get away with it

Whose he?

My he.

Sharing is caring, both her check in and your phone!

Is she in rehab for stealing? I feel like this fml would be funnier if that was the case

that's called "Jail"

Crap, I was thinking of hoarding. Sorry about that, my bad.

They have clepto rehab

That's it! I really should not comment when I am delusional from lack of sleep.

50, please read the second half of the first paragraph of my about me section.

I'm too tired to read your about me. Sorry if you hate this comment, I'm just so exhausted.

It would be ironic and hilarious if she was in for facebook addiction.

Not really ironic.

In my imaginary scenario, the mum would've stolen the phone to update her status as her phone would be at home if she were going into rehab for Facebook addiction. :-)

But irony is when the exact opposite outcome happens in a situation to what you were expecting. Wouldn't it just be understandable that if she had a facebook addiciton to the point of needing rehab, she would do excessive things like steal a phone to go on facebook? The same way a drug addict strungling to break his addicition in rehab and stealing a phone to sell for a hit wouldn't be ironic, just sad. Or am I missing something?

I thought of it more as her using Facebook when she isn't supoosed to be doing it, hence the exact opposite of was expected to happen. Or I think I'm just being moronic about defending about my original statement. :P

situational irony noun irony involving a situation in which actions have an effect that is opposite from what was intended, so that the outcome is contrary to what was expected.

haha, yeah! She needed to get her fix!

Because she needed to water her Farmville crops...

I didn't know you could "check in" to rehab on Facebook

You can check into anything on Facebook

A little ridiculous if you ask me...