By cannabis_this420 - United States
Today, my mother called me and told me that she went to the hospital. This wasn't a surprise 'cos she normally goes to the hospital for the smallest things. So, I was a smart ass and asked, "What now? You finally have lung cancer from all those cigarettes?" Apparently, she does. FML
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  BeeHappy_fml  |  0

No, the mom definitely deserved it. I mean, how stupid are you to continue smoking when it's been proven to cut months off your life by the pack? it's so fucking retarded. Anyway, I'm sorry op, but that's definitely what your mom gets for willingly inhaling poison everyday and completely ignoring the risks.

  gbreck  |  0

you're extremely ignorant you know that? addicts use substances because of addiction. their bodies depend on the chemical (nicotine in this case) and can't function properly without it.


Actually, 87, one of our family friends is (was) a hardcore smoker (I'd say a pack a day.) A couple years ago she quit cold turkey, which caused her to gain a lot of weight. However, she has since managed to lose it and is much happier now. So OP's mom could have quit smoking BUT due to the fact that she's a hypochondriac, I'd say that neither one deserves it in this case.

  Adree  |  15

The addiction starts when they start. If they didn't smoke, there wouldn't be an addiction. So yes, it's her fault, cancer is horrible and no one should have to experience it, but if you're going to knowingly increase your chances, then you have to deal with what may come

  spacedragon  |  4

I completely agree that she doesn't DESERVE it, however it's completely her fault. Cancer isn't an apt punishment for becoming addicted, but she shouldn't have started.

By  Jimboom  |  11

That sucks and it was a bit insensitive of you but fuckit. She was a big girl and people should not complain too much if they get cancer while being a smoker. Yes it is a shit thing to happen but you don't feel sorry for people who stick needles in their arms and die so why should you for someone who smokes themselves to death?

By  xacked  |  0

Ok I would like everyone to take a step back for a moment, and think about someone in your life who you love. What if that person smoked and got lung cancer? Sure there are those here who would point a finger and say "I told you so" but really, coming onto the site for a good laugh is fine, but can we have some self-respect?

  randiZ25  |  0

thank you, yes smoking is stupid but it is a really hard habit to quit, I smoked but finally quit. That's her mom rather or not she did something stupid doesn't make her less of a mom to OP...

By  arienh4  |  0

#10: It's not really FML if you get lung cancer from smoking. I know it's hard to quit, but you can at least cut down on it. So that's not FML worthy at all.