By ThanksMa - Canada
Today, my mother and I walked past my boyfriend, whom she's never met. After we casually greeted each other and went on our way my mother said, "He's cute. Who is he?" I paused for a second and replied, "That's my boyfriend." She then said, "Does he know that?" FML
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By  MrCanoe  |  5

I find it quite odd that you wouldn't introduce your boy friend to your mother. No wonder she thought you weren't telling the truth if you were causal with him and treated him like someone you knew from school or work

By  _chrissy_  |  0

I's a little strange that you didn't introduce them, even if it is a fresh relationship...and not stopping to talk and just saying something in passing seems pretty juvenile, like a relationship you'd find in junior high. You know, where you just kind of talk a few times but it's not really a real relationship? No offense, haha.