By kylie b - 25/05/2011 06:41

Today, my mom yelled at me for taking too long at a job interview, and that it was a waste of her time to drive me to it; I just quit my job, moved away from my boyfriend and the coast to help take care of her in Idaho. FML
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How dare you think of others first, OP!




Trupe 3

Cant be a nice person nowadays...

jane79 0

tell her if she's going to act like that your out of there. I hate to say it but your mom sounds pretty ungrateful for what you have done for her and if she starting out acting like this then she will probally only get worse and in that cas I would go back to the coast and have someone else take care of her

OP's mom is so ungrateful.


How dare you think of others first, OP!

at least now OP can have all the potatoes she wants! (:

time to move back

iAmScrubs 19

Your mom is a first class Principal Skinner's mom.

spez8 0

man! hang in there.

Your mom is a bitch OP.

I fuckin hate it when people act like this. you do so much for them and they just act like ungrateful little pricks

zbennett 0

Story of my life man, I feel like I help so many people and get little in return. I'm not complaining either. I know most of the time I shouldn't help, but I just feel guilty if I don't.

I feel the exact same way

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That's your que to pack up again and move back home far from Idaho!!!

KelStr 0

I love Idaho. Where else can you find almost every recreational sport in such a unique area? Idaho literally has everything other than the Ocean and a Rain Forest.

I'm sure he wasn't dissing Idaho, simply the bitch who lives there.

I have lived in Idaho for 13 OP I am originally from the coast and would do anything to go back. Honestly a lot more opportunity by the ocean.

You really deserved it for taking too long at the job interview. You're not supposed to give every single interviewer a blow job, you're only required to give a simple strip show. Blow jobs come after you get the job.

CSRozell 4

TO THE BEACH! Id tell her to fuck herself


your mom is an ungrateful fuck !

zbennett 0

I feel like your fun bags are going to hit me in the face out of the screen.

Very interesting label to give some one. Never have I left one that way. js

zbennett 0

my message was funny. it said; I feel like your fun [email protected] are gonna pop out of the 5cr33n and hit me in the face.


your rude & quite immature !

zbennett 0

oh I'm sorry, didnt mean to hurt your feelings. you can delete my comment if its that offensive.

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damn your fucking fine