By petty petty petty - 08/09/2017 16:00

Today, my mom yelled at me for fighting with my younger brother. Not because she wanted us to stop, but because my brother couldn't find a good comeback to my argument. FML
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PotatoFarmer69 8

Did you even read what it says


Grow up. Maybe help your little brother with something, instead of being an obnoxious twat.

PotatoFarmer69 8

Did you even read what it says

Your life sucks, because your mom doesn't want you bullying your little brother? Get real.

Yes, because arguing with people is the same as bullying. I suppose next thing you'll say is that if a couple argues with each other, it means one of them is guilty of domestic abuse?

I guess that's what you get for being so witty

gobiteme2 34

What ever happened to the phrase, l told you so.