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  free2speak  |  14

Actually 52, the first sperm to reach the egg is usually not the one that fertilizes it. It takes the collective effort of a few sperm cells to make the membrane thin enough for one of them to penetrate.

  JenkJenks  |  6

Yeah. The first sperm lays down a couple sweet lines and buys the egg a few drinks. After the egg is feeling good, another sperm comes along and woos it by dropping some more cash on it. When the egg is hammered and its inhibitions lowered, a third sperm slips it away and penetrates before the other sperm know what happened.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

dear god, he is saying at least she is glad to have OP as child and didnt regret going through with it at all. is it really that hard of a concept that someone didnt make a dirty joke?

  sig4life  |  18

I hope she doesn't remember because it was one of the few times she has gotten any since she said yes, or even worst case only has sex to reproduce.