By Anonymous - 16/01/2013 21:08 - United States - San Marcos

Today, my mom wished me "Happy Conception Day." FML
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I must introduce this fantastic holiday to my family. More presents for me.

Well... Happy Conception Day!


Well... Happy Conception Day!

Ask her "how was the sex?

just remember that you were the lucky swimmer that made it to the end of the race! or in this case, the egg :P

50 - Or not. I know some great psychiatrists if you need any. I'm still crazy, but at least now I know how to hide it.

Actually 52, the first sperm to reach the egg is usually not the one that fertilizes it. It takes the collective effort of a few sperm cells to make the membrane thin enough for one of them to penetrate.

Yeah. The first sperm lays down a couple sweet lines and buys the egg a few drinks. After the egg is feeling good, another sperm comes along and woos it by dropping some more cash on it. When the egg is hammered and its inhibitions lowered, a third sperm slips it away and penetrates before the other sperm know what happened.

From the description you just gave, we're all jackass'.

Actually, the first one to the egg is usually never the one to fertilize it. Its a combination of many.

#52, I cannot express to you how much I love your Zoso picture.

77- Are you saying multiple sperm normally fertilize a single egg?

95- no multiple eggs fertilize a single sperm

I don't understand why this is an fml.. at least you were born?

This is going to be me as a parent one day if I ever have kids.

I must introduce this fantastic holiday to my family. More presents for me.

I convinced my family to get me half birthday gifts one year.

I was adopted :(

101- Adopted Day? that could work...

The only present you'd get, 2, is a lot of sperm.

101- my friend who was adopted celebrates "gotcha day" every year on the day she was adopted

Did you get a gift?

The gift of life.

The gift was that is all she said and did not retell the story

The gift was not showing the home movies of the conception.

Well at least she is glad to have conceived you.

that's the best part of having a kid

I can't think of anything more fun than being preggers.

he's referring to fucking. not being pregnant.

dear god, he is saying at least she is glad to have OP as child and didnt regret going through with it at all. is it really that hard of a concept that someone didnt make a dirty joke?

Did she and your dad do a re-enactment? Do you get conception AND birthday presents? Throw in half-birthdays and you'll be in high cotton!

I hope they're good actors...

Insert "not sure if gusta" face

At least she remembered! Be happy she must think you are worthy of celebrating :)

Just an infamous day to remember...

I hope she doesn't remember because it was one of the few times she has gotten any since she said yes, or even worst case only has sex to reproduce.

Just say- Thanks and "happy sex without using condoms day" to you, mom.

Umm... Celebrate?

How supportive! Bet you can't wait for the baby shower!

Well damn... I read that wrong. Please be forgiving! :(

Gave you a sympathetic thumbs up

So did i. Thumbs up because you caught you're mistake lol!

109, I think my irony meter just exploded.

Only nine more months until your birthday!