By Anonymous - United States
Today, my mom went snooping through my art bin to "clean out my old drawings". She found numerous nude pieces and accused me of selling porn. My mom mistook and threw out 57 anatomy practice sketches that I worked very very hard on, and ripped up the remainder of my drawings. FML
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  GR3453m0nk3y  |  4

KumoFF7..... WTF?????
and you guys are dumb, it says that they were his anatomy sketches, hence; anatomy class
and freddylunch your especially dumb the OP's tutor selling them would prove his/her mom right!
and deathly ranch 1) shut the fuck up 2) how do you know the OP isnt a woman??? and 3) how do you know they were men???


@GR3453m0nk3y, freddylunch said "telling," not "selling." learn to read

OP: man that seriously sucks. It really shows us how much we shouldn't jump to conclusions

  yellowaholic  |  25

Oh come on grow up, nudity is a huge part of art and a lot of famous sculptures have "naked men" in them, like the statue of David. The human body is a beautiful thing, it twists and turns and can show so much emotion in just body language alone. Not only that but everyone's body is so different which makes it fun to sculpt or draw or paint. If you are not mature enough to handle the very essence of what art is then you should not be allowed to judge it.

  StarCutie83  |  0

LOL When I was in high school I took an anatomy class. My parents covered all the naughty parts and pictures they thought would scare me with pictures of carebears super glued to the page. I was 17 years old...

  iPirate  |  0

Nudity != Porn. Even though quite a lot of artistic nudity was commissioned as private porn (Birth of Venus by Botticelli is a good example), you hear of so much anti-sexual actually parenting in America these days. It's simply depressing.

Plus the amount of people complaining on FML about parents throwing out their stuff either talk with your parents before you start making these important items and explain that they are not to be thrown away, or purchase a storage locker away from home. There is no other way.

  hahafmls  |  8

Art is art, it doesn't matter how big or small, or what medium. All art takes time and passion. To say that since it wasn't a huge painting rendered it worthless, just shows how little sense you have.

By  caancoha  |  0

You should go through her things and throw out and tear up anything above a PG-13 rating, saying it's inappropriate. (Books, films, sex toys, condoms, etc.)