By child - 10/12/2015 02:24 - United States - Avon

Today, my mom was driving with my brothers and sister in the back seat. She was turned around talking to us, when my sister told my mom that she missed the light. She ran it, then screamed at us about not paying attention and noticing your surroundings. FML
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Seems pretty irresponsible on her part to have her eyes off the road. You're actually lucky there wasn't a car crash in this situation!

Sometimes parents love to blame you for their mistakes


Oh the irony.

Am I the only one who thought of the van in vacation?

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Bad day for her maybe ?

Bad day for the passengers, more like.

Sometimes parents love to blame you for their mistakes

Sometimes parents love to blame their mistakes.

Especially for their divorce

she is the mistake...jk tho

Seems pretty irresponsible on her part to have her eyes off the road. You're actually lucky there wasn't a car crash in this situation!

This is where I was imagining it was going. I've seen too many cars full of kids where the mother stops paying attention to the road, it's usually why they have such big vars because they'll destroy the smaller cars that are in the wrong place at the wrong time :(

What I understood was that they were stopped at a red light while the mother was turned around talking to them. They told her she missed the green light so she then booked it after it turned red again.

People are down voting you, but it's true. Most moms where I live drive big SUVs and they do t even have their full license. They shouldn't be diving alone, but they do anyways. So they dive big vehicles so they're less likely to get hurt when they crash

this sounds more scary in imagination!

I hate people like your mom. Creating a very dangerous situation on the road and blaming it on someone else.

in reality often times every driver makes mistakes. and if you're in the car where the mistake was made you'll hear something like "oops" or nothing at all. because to them it was a little mistake. and if you're in the car that dealt with the backlash you'll be hearing something about "mother f**king c**t did that on purpose" or "needs to learn how to drive!" anyways my news flash is every single one of you has mistakes. and I guarantee you didn't really realize it was someone else's slight mistake that almost got you killed the time before. you guys are all like people playing together in a video game. accidentally killing each other because yall are so focused on where you need to get. unfortunately people often times actually feel apologetic in a game. in a car more often than not anyone who gets mad at you is often thought of as "it was just a god damn accident Sheesh." okay end rant

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@16 Please just stop. Putting other people in danger while not paying attention is not a mistake. She made the conscious decision to not look at the road....

True enough. I'm not condoning her doing it. But I've seen just about everyone I've ever been in a car with make a mistake. yeah, what she did was completely her fault. but everyone makes driving dangerous. don't tell me you've never almost switched lanes when the lane wasn't available. do you think that doesn't kill people when it's not corrected fast enough?

#16 "Oh, I'm driving this car on a road with others on it, potentially dangering other road users, myself and my children. In stead of checking where I'm going, I'll do the exact opposite, because, hey everyone makes mistakes, right?" Don't be ridiculous. That's obviously not a mistake, it's the same as texting and driving, it's not a mistake, but plain stupid to not check the road. A mistake is forgetting your signal lights, making a wrong turn or whatever.

all of 16s posts are usually not great so don't pay her any mind.

But mirrors...rear-view mirrors...what's bothering me is that she not only took her eyes off the road but she actually TURNED AROUND.

I hate when moms always think they r the right ones and we r wrong.

I hate when people typ lyk3 d1s.