By hahahah111 - 25/05/2009 07:43 - United States

Today, my mom was driving me somewhere. As we were driving she got mad at a motorcycle driver telling to "get the fuck off the road." In response, the driver decided to spit into my open window. His spit landed on my face. FML
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At least your mouth wasn't open.

herby123 0

relay it to ur mom?


At least your mouth wasn't open.

people that get mad at motorcyclists should go suck a cock, bikers have just as much of a right to be on the road as you do!

spit in your moms face

herby123 0

relay it to ur mom?

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that was just hilariouz

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Just spit on your mom =]

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Ew. That's disgusting, and totally unnessasry from the drivers part. I would die if that happend to me, I'm totally grossed out by spit. Ugh. FYL.

i say bull because ive ridden in motorcycles alot and even at 35mph no one could spit in a window that their next to and if he moved up then the spit couldnt have hit you at that angle unless you were at stop and go traffic

Well hopefully your mouth wasn't open. If it was just think of it like water

Bikers have absolutely no decency! They think they rule the road and surely act that way! But yet again, proof that road rage leads to hectic stuff!

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Pretend it's just some watered down Sprite.

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#8 yeah or her mother was just driving like shit, any fucking idiot can get a license these days.