By Stevie - 16/08/2011 06:52 - Canada

Today, my mom was convinced that the lawn gnomes we bought from Wal-Mart were secretly conspiring to kill us. FML
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saIty 17

Did you also know that your toys come alive when you're not inside the house?

You think she's crazy now... But just wait. You'll see.


SuperDerp 8


saIty 17

Did you also know that your toys come alive when you're not inside the house?

I guess it's no longer a secret now

saIty 17

Well I think everyone had a sneaking suspicion. For example when I left my house for ice cream and came back my sister's Barbie and my Power Ranger was in an awkward sex position. I was home alone

Just wait until it happens, you will regret not listening to her

xDefendPopPunkx 14

They are sneaky little fellows. Believe me I've seen it. My neighbor got some and it has been 3 weeks since I last saw him. Poor guy, didn't know what was coming to him...

At least they aren't the underpants gnomes from South Park. I'd rather be dead with my underpants on than alive with none.

eminemchick 19

this makes for another flashback from doofenschmirtz

enonymous 8

They aren't just trying to find you better deals using travelocity

xoconnie 8

may be a sign of a mental problem, just saying.

she's right you know..

Ahhh my evil minions are doing there job after all. Wait, did I say that out loud?

This is what happens when somebody barely leaves the house for 10 years.

Well, Professor Doofinsmirtz DID have to dress up as a lawn gnome as a kid. And he IS evil...

Sorry 37. Apparently I skipped over your comment earlier.

nixter5 18

Toy story freak her out as a kid?

This FML is unexplainable

Jaimegirl 7

the movie Gnomeo and Juliet freaked her out. haha

Pixxio_O 11

If I were you, I would start killing them right now.... "-"

Lol I wouldn't doubt it. Barbie is a whore lol ;)

it's a new version of the movie ‘gremlins’.

LOLbomb 1

This reminds me of Sims 3. You'd have to play it to understand. Well, it's sort of a hidden secret, but a gnome could switch positions and move at night. :/

BoredUnicorn 6


walkern1891 0

Ha ha next time when your mom is sleep place them by her bed with a knife of something next to it.

DanceAshleeDance 0

That's exactly what I thought (: hahaa.

DanceAshleeDance 0

^^ in reply to 150 :3

two references to that disney show? what the crap.

ArmedcrackerR6 8

What a dummy

I see what you did there

crazychick1269 7

haha well that's what u get for shopping at walmart!!!!!! and I bet it was just a U of M gnome and that's y she was freakin out:)

University of Minnesota? Oho

Dumbass Canadian

22cute 17

YDI for buying garden gnomes

Uh sorry but isyour mom insane

isthere is something wrong with your sentance.

I'm sorry, but your mum is retarded

sxe_beast 11

No. It is you who is retarded. The garden gnomes ARE conspiring against us. They're mass produced by the Illuminati to spy on us. Not only this, but Walmart is front for the Illuminati (like McDonald's, Macy's, Target, Sears, Burger King, etc. are). Sheesh, you people are so dense. The Gnomes are very intricately designed robots sent from the future to spy on us. They collect information about you and feed it back to the Illuminati HQ. This is why you should always smash your neighbor's garden gnomes!

Mum really??!!

StopDropNRoll 11

Somebody's fml account got hacked by OP's mom. =P

Sxe beast I didn't call her retarded but you obviously just copied and pasted your same comment from bellow.

Just nvm that post

Oops my bro hacked my account ^^' I think it's pretty weird but awesome

41 that was funny

carioki34 7

R word!!!!!

Maybe they are, perhaps because they think your mum is conspiring to kill them. Survival of the fittest!!

I believe this. I once saw claw marks on me neighbors lawn from his front door to a square patch of grass in the yard. I'm guessing trap door to his doom. Now that I think about it, wheres the mailman been lately?

meg63720 0

I woodnt blame her lawn gnomes are fricking scary

#7 let the hunger games.. Begin. And may the odds be in your favor. Lol reminds me of The Hunger Games

You think she's crazy now... But just wait. You'll see.

reallytho3 11

They shall ALL see... Muahahahahahaha (runs out of the room)

Iknoweverything 29

I was going to mention that the easter bunny seems more of a murderous type... then I saw your screen name and just about freaked!

They'll all see ( insert evil laugh)!!!!!!

cheer4ever96 8

Your mom knows they're NONliving, right?

IndiRae 9

You know that face is UNappealing, right?

Sweej 1

LMAO @ 32..

Wtf is up with that picture?

It's probably stuck that way.

Just another typical cheerleader -.-

108 I almost pissed myself hahahahahahahaha

RainbowLuna 0


ashleykay94 7

Haha you should tell her to go hide

muchagente 5

don't worry. garden gnomes do not breed in captivity.

Which is completely understandable. I wouldn't breed either if I lived in the front yard.