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  saIty  |  17

Well I think everyone had a sneaking suspicion. For example when I left my house for ice cream and came back my sister's Barbie and my Power Ranger was in an awkward sex position. I was home alone

  LOLbomb  |  1

This reminds me of Sims 3. You'd have to play it to understand. Well, it's sort of a hidden secret, but a gnome could switch positions and move at night. :/

  sxe_beast  |  11

No. It is you who is retarded. The garden gnomes ARE conspiring against us. They're mass produced by the Illuminati to spy on us. Not only this, but Walmart is front for the Illuminati (like McDonald's, Macy's, Target, Sears, Burger King, etc. are).

Sheesh, you people are so dense. The Gnomes are very intricately designed robots sent from the future to spy on us. They collect information about you and feed it back to the Illuminati HQ. This is why you should always smash your neighbor's garden gnomes!

  zachherbert  |  10

I believe this. I once saw claw marks on me neighbors lawn from his front door to a square patch of grass in the yard. I'm guessing trap door to his doom. Now that I think about it, wheres the mailman been lately?