By Crazy Mom - 10/6/2013 05:13 - United States
Today, my mom walked into the bathroom while I was taking a pic to send to my long-distance boyfriend. She then told me I would go to hell for flaunting myself at guys. I was fully clothed, sending a pic to see if he liked my new haircut. That and I'm 21. FML
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By  Pleonasm  |  34

Sounds like Hell has really let its standards drop these days...
They let just about anyone in ever since the clientele all went to that new S&M convention.

  perdix  |  29

#9, the up-nose shot can be pretty nasty, even if one does a good job with the rotary trimmer. Even with waxed nostrils, it's not a pretty sight.

  Wizardo  |  33

#33, hairy ears can be pretty grim as well, I mean its hard enough to trim or get the hair then its all spilling out of your droopy ass ear. Also really hairy chests are not nice, especially guys wearing super low V neck T-Shirts displaying their man fur...