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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Tell your mom you won't have to worry about cancer when you get Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) go into a coma and die. My brother didn't take his insulin for awhile (he was never properly educated on his diabetes unfortunately) and had DKA and almost died. DKA is some serious stuff and messing with your insulin is no joke. If I were you I'd print some research on what happens if you don't take your insulin, on DKA and coma's and stuff and try and educate her on all of it. Yes, there's a possibility she's just stupid and won't understand or believe you if you explain it, but chances are she's just uneducated in diabetes and the severity of it (as many are).

  wraithmb  |  4

My last hyperglycemia that I was hospitalized for having SEVERE dka gives my the experience to back this up. My bgl was over 62 mmol/l, or about 1100 mgdl... It would most definately be an unpleasant exit strategy...

  magickitten  |  26

I think this is actually a good point. If OP's mother is that gullible, I think it's reasonable to think she may throw them away herself when OP isn't around......clearly that could make OP very unwell.

But I would definitely do it!