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Today, my mom told me she was getting tired of that smell of marijuana in the house. So I confess and tell her I will never bring it home again. She was talking about my neighbors. FML
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and thats why you NEVER ASSUME damn teens today just give her a joint and tell her to calm the hell down

nice neighbourhood.


and thats why you NEVER ASSUME damn teens today just give her a joint and tell her to calm the hell down

NEVER confess, Always question first to see if they really have you. Innocent until proven guilty , *power to the people*. I agree with #1 give her a blunt and tell her to calm the hell down.

Who in their right mind doesn't enjoy the wonderful smell of dank? Come on people, you can smell the greatness from a few feet away! ^-^

hey not all of us are bad, steriotypong is rude and you adults do it just as much as we do if not more!!

How the fuck is texting a bad thing?

texting!?!?! adults text to dumb ass

what's wrong with texting???

201, just a few feet? pshh. weak shit :D

Weed is disgusting. (ive never tried it and i dont plan to)

"Involved" in texting. You make it sound like organized crime or something.

232 there is nothing disgusting about weed it heals the mind

Oh definitely. Texting is clearly the sign of the appocalpyse. Shut the fuck up.

you know what they say about assume it makes an ass out of you and me

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good lord, have a joint! bob marley would be SO disappointed

Sure you would, Mr Internet Tough Guy. The kid can just smoke out the window and put a fan on. Relax; nobody can see your scary tough-guy face through the cables.

Oh ok so now it's wrong to promote morals and to be anti-drug? I'm not trying to act tough i'm just saying that if I were his parents i'd do something about it.

'Drugs' have nothing to do with morals. Let the kid made his own choices. Honestly, over cannabis of all things. I bet you're from the States, huh?

Freudianego, (you do psychology? nvm) would you let your child jump off a highrise building? People would like to protect their kids. Yes, we know that they can make their own decisions, but sometimes they do not know the reality of it.

Weed isn't exactly a drug But anyway, smoking home alone is the defiant of lonelyness =p

What does being from the States have to do with any of this?

#18 - Of course weed is a drug. It affects your state of mind, it's possible to get addicted to it, and it's harmful to your health (Go ahead and try to tell me that all of a sudden our lungs are supposed to now breath smoke and not be harmed).

oh really? show us onew case of a marijuana only smoker getting lung disease. there's no such thing, and you cannot become addicted, it can only become habitual

well habitual pot smoking has been shown to lead to cases of testicular cancer... then again, every study can have falsified results

Marijuana may be said to be "non-addictive", but people who smoke it become addicted to the high and the good feeling it gives them. Therefore it is indirectly addictive.

Weed is a drug. It smells like ass. Sure it can be fun a few times but if you smoke it on a constant basis, you should really re-evaluate your life. I love fighting potheads though.

No drinking isn't different, but we're not talking about that are we?

"Weed is not a drug...its a plant that grows. And if u should so happen to set it on fire, there are some effects. DRUGS u gotta do shit to it chemically... add baking soda, water, stir it up...IDK the recipe, IM JUST SAYIN" - Katt Williams No one has EVER Overdosed on weed, noone has ever killed anybody because they were high on weed. If weed is to be considered addictive, it is a mental addiction rather than a physical one. There are no long term effects, except a slight strain that is possible on the lungs of those who smoke it (ie. Rastafarians) Peope use vaporizors and there is NO smoke involved so lungs are safe...there are no physical ailments associated at all with the consumption of marijuana at all. The side effects are Hungry, happy, sleepy and thats about it. Its illegal becuse the government can't tax it and because the government wanted us to utalize fossil fuels rather than hemp products, because some old white man from the 1800's decided that it was "bad" for mankind, but there is no evidence at all. Please tell me something BAD that marijuana users do, or a negative result that comes from marijuana. There really is no arguement. And in regards to the "Moral" aspect of it... there are religions that smoke marijuana, and there have been for centuries, as a sign of respect for their God (s).

you can't get drunk from wine. the grapes grow on vines!

hey dumbfuck yeah weed is a fucking plant and it has no long term health affects name 1 reason y it is bad faggot

Dumbass, does short term memory loss not seem like a long term effect?

Look up the definition of a "drug" in the dictionary before making such claims. Marijuana IS a drug. Hell, Caffeine is a drug. I'm not sure what conduit of retardation took hold of you to even think it's not.

#154 STFU really though... If thats the case Im demanding that all caffine be banned and anyone drinking coffee be arrested. No more coffee at work no more coffee in the car. I HATE people like YOU who have the audacity to tell me to look something up... I dont give a shit what Webster has to say about drugs, Im a big girl, I know what the word means, and Im also intelligent enough to realize that JUST because the GOVERNMENT added Marijuana to the list of "drugs" doesnt make it anywhere near as bad as any other illegal drug out there. Alcohol should be considered a drug and banned too if I follow your logic. Bite me... hard. I hughly doubt your putting down your Dunkin Donuts or Budweiser you scumbag. The fact of the matter is I was quoting a comedian for effect, HIS direct words, which I happen to think is a valid point. Weed is a plant, that grows, and if u burn it theres some effects... thats a fact ass hole. If your going to dish out demands to look things up, maybe you should look up "Why is marijuana illegal" and you will SEE that everything I stated in my original response is valid and accurate. Good job using "conduit" look at you and your ALMOST college level words, and your ALMOST valid use of it. Bet you were reallll proud of yourself after that.

Marijuana has a lot of side effects. It is one of the main reasons teenagers of this day and age have short term memory loss. Also marijuana can be a precursor that causes people to experiment with other drugs. It can also be linked to suicide due to the lonely or paranoid feeling it generates. And that is to list a few. If you wanna be a fact a holic don't put obly one side of the arguement you arrogant sow.

you can ony become mentally addicted to pot. just like you can become addicted to eating or weight lost or porn. weed is way less harmful and I think more enjoyable than any of those things.

It's no less disrespectful than smoking a cigarette in a house of non-smokers. Besides, the smell of smoke is really hard to eliminate.

Damn 200, give it too 'em!

Uck I despise the smell of pot

Pot smells delicious.

Pot smells more lovely than a garden of black roses and more enthralling than chocolate cake covered all over the naked body of women wearing fine perfume. It is quite a smell to be smelled if I do say so myself.

Pot smells amazing. Nuff said

That's that shit I do like.

nice neighbourhood.

Pot is sold and smoked in EVERY neighborhood you naïve fool!

Not in my neighbourhood.

unless you live in the middle of nowhere with no one else around, i really doubt that. pot is sold everywhere. just because you don't know about it, it doesn't mean its not happening.

Agreed. It is everywhere. If you actually live in a neighborhood and not in a house in the middle of the forest, there are definitely people smoking.

I live near old people and little kids, I doubt they smoke pot

My grandpa is 56 and he smokes pot everyday. He's healthy as a mule.

Killing brain cells, everyone's favorite past time.

I know, right? { kills brain cells.....}

weed doesn't kill brain're thinking of alcohol

Actually, pot does effect short term memory partly by effecting the brain cells. But then again, headbanging kills brain cells. Breathing in gasoline at the pumps kills brain cells. Brain cells are constantly being killed and regenerated, just like all cells in our bodies.

Brain cells never regenerate. Why do you think Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong disea?

Weed is Ur friend!

Just because there's weed in a neighborhood doesn't mean it's a bad place, quite the opposite actually. Richer areas have a larger amount of drug users, this is because parents give their teenagers money, they don't have to work for their money and can just buy drugs out of it.

I love the smell of pot. Then again I love marmite too...

LOL. Haha I would denie it to the fullest

You should've been all like "Haha! Just kidding!" Also, legalize!

wow, I can't wait to read all the ignorant people saying weed is bad... I swear, if it's not legal in five years, I have no hope for this country.

Maybe you could take up spelling classes instead of smoking weed? Just a thought...

Aww I love the ignorant fucks that think just because weed is illegal, it's bad. I think everyone should go read about why and how it became illegal in the first place. The story revolves around racism, prejudice and discrimination. Look it up. And btw, legalize allll the way!

I have a suggestion, look into a movie called The Union. it's about the marijuana misconceptions and the trade in British Columbia. it's a really good movie. BTw did you know that the study that proved marijuana caused brain cell death was done by putting a gas mask on some monkeys for 5 minutes and pumpmng the smoke that 30 Columbian joints would produce WITHOUT ANY OXYGEN (there's your braincell killer)

Weed is harmful to the health. 1 joint increases the risk of cancer as much as 20 cigarettes. And it IS addictive, just like all other drugs. You don't get addicted to the drug, but the feeling the drug gives you. Legalization is the wrong way to go.

#38 it's Colombian not Columbian.

where do you get those stats? you might want to try actually looking up legitimate research because weed is not harmful.

It's not necessarily harmful to people who just sit around with their buddies smoking it, but there have been cases where the guys HAVEN'T just been chilling at someone's house, but out on the road and caused accidents. It's people who can't control themselves when under the influence (of anything really, not just marijuana or alcohol) that cause everyone to be "punished" (for lack of a better word right now).

marijuana has never been found solely responsible for death or serious injury (IE surviving a freeway wreck), in any and all cases where somebody driving under the influence of pot has caused an accident, they have been heavily under the influence of alcohol as well. despite the fact that marijuana smoke contains known carcinogens, it remains that nobody has ever developed serious lung damage/disease because of it. this is likely because THC kills aged cells, which are the ones that become cancerous.

85% of statistics are made up. ^.^

Note to self: Don't smoke 30 Colombian joints in a row without breathing in oxygen. To 38: WTF? Where did you get those stats? Your mother?

yes but alcohol is legal. so should we make that illegal too? no. LEGALIZE!