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  nightowl713  |  25

I can imagine how uncomfortable it would be, but she is still your mom. The company hired her knowing she was your mother, there is no harm in calling her Mom. Also, you should never speak ill of your family, especially your mom! Regardless if you actually mean it or not, people will perceive you as disrespectful. Be proud that she found a job OP!

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

We don't actually know if OP said anything about her mom, just that OP's mom told a coworker that. Also, not every mom deserves to be respected. There are some pretty terrible ones out there.

  queerdragon  |  20

He does not have to deal with it. He had the job first. His mother is not only making it hard to get along with his co-workers (by sharing personal information), "Mom" is making it hard for him to work by trying to mother him in his own job.

By  ileenefudge  |  29

I'm surprised she got a job where you work. Most places I know of don't hire 2 people of the same family in general let alone working together in the same workspace. It is not ethnical or something like that.

  LittleJess23  |  15

Me & my mum used to work at the same supermarket & since I was 15 & couldn't drive we had a lot of shifts together. They obviously didn't have a problem with family members working together.

  queerdragon  |  20

Most of the time, parents and children can work together with no problem. I know many a successful family business.

It is when parents or children do not know when to keep their personal lives outside the workplace that problems arise.

  ileenefudge  |  29

Many places I have applied to where I have had family members work have all told me they wouldn't hire me because it would cause issues inside the workplace such as bringing personal problems from home to work ect. Petco, for example is one of these places. It's the same with working with your spouse. If you have history together you *might* get the job but will not be working in the same department. The movies that I worked at is an example of this as well.

By  IvyOswin  |  17

Ask to be put in a different division. Many companies have policies about family members working together, so either you or she can be a different shift or position.