By samadams42 - 13/05/2011 19:18 - United States

Today, my mom said she wanted me to get laser eye surgery before she did, "Just in case it isn't safe." FML
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KristinaKreme 0

What a caring mother. :]

52, let's put it to the test then. My comment: Wow that musta been a downer.


Sign me upp! I'm frikkin blind! D: I'll be the tea subject op(:

GeneralGreivous3 0

Gotta take precautions! But seriously. Making you her test dummy? FYL

uncbballwins 0

KaySL- I love you. Wanna hook up?

Sorry man. Won't happen again. :)

Sorry man. Won't happen again. :)

DudeImBetter 0

way to go 15, making a big huge deal about the guy who replied to number 1 only so you could be on top of the list by replying to the guy that replied to number 1s comment so everyone would see your comment. you mischievous bastard. By the way I only replied to your comment so I could be on the top.

Thabb 0

Good idea, you never know what could happen, right?

EverybodyHatesCh 0

attention grabber to the rescue!

kgbriggs 0

how do you talk to ppl on here

KiddNYC1O 20

Sean, don't be a pussy. You've been here as long as KaySL. You don't owe him an apology/explanation or vice versa.

Im commenting on #1 every time now so KaySL will talk to me :) hahaha

staceysgenesis16 0

aha , yeah bummer i guess.. but if it works then itll be all good.

Got to love your mother!!

nerdytacos 3

I like how you used the word cockferret(:

I thought Kay was female.

jane79 0

cock ferret that's a new one

zendaddy0 0

I can see a serious bond forming here ;)

FuniiBunii 0

So what? Humans are selfish big news

just a question y should he be srry when it was just a joke...

CateXOX 0

86- No it's not, Kay uses the same insults every time.

KristinaKreme 0

What a caring mother. :]

She really does care! About herself(:

Takador 3

Thats why she dragged you along silly!

KristinaKreme 0

Haha your right Mr.Troll :] If it's okay I call you that. I guess we can all agree that OPs mother is down-right selfish.

yeah just tell her she has to pay for it!

samadams42 0

at least i can see now haha

she sounds nice..

More like a b*tch. Sounds like something my mom would do. :/

robotiick 12

take a joke man it's called sarcasm try it some time

How can you "try out sometime" sarcasm?

68- by being sarcastic..

wow that musta been a downer

CateXOX 0

I'm starting to think people only thumbs down gayboii's comments because they're gayboii's.

52, let's put it to the test then. My comment: Wow that musta been a downer.

you've been relegated to test dummy.It happens.

sounds like a bitch. what's happening to mothers these day?

randiZ25 0

kids like you...?

Selfish mothers FTW!

goldiefox 0

It works though....or else they wouldn't be providing it.

cradle6 13

Don't get LASIK. It ruins your eyes permanently for any future corrective surgery. You'll be right back in glasses in five to ten years anyway because all they're doing is scraping away the cornea. A much better alternative is lens replacement surgery: such as RESTOR.

goldiefox 0

My dad's an optometrist and LASIK works very well actually.

Gloritank 8

I had Lasik and now can see 20/20

cradle6 13

48-My dad is an eye surgeon and refuses to perform LASIK for the below reasons. And yes you will get 20/20 vision initially. For about 5-10 years at the most, and then you'll be back in glasses. To truly understand why this happens, you need to understand how LASIK works. Long story short you thin the cornea by removing layers with the laser. It allows initial adaptation but is essentially damaging the eye, which causes problems within years after the procedure. Talk to someone who had LASIK done ten years ago and you'll see how they feel now. Doctors don't really tell patients this. Again, LASIK is in contrast to lens replacement surgery like RESTOR. Lens replacement gives you distance and reading vision for life.

CeeCee_fml 16

My aunt has LASIK surgery more than twenty years ago and she never had to go back to glasses...

traze 7

What she's trying to say was "you were a mistake and I have no love for you." That's what I getting out of it.

it's ok man it's safe so go for it I had laser eye surgery 4 weeks ago

atomicbaboon 0

and lemme guess. the only problem now is that you can't see the period key on your keyboard, right?

ohFmL4sure 0

hell get it done it's more that worth it! then rub it in that you don't need your glasses and she does! I had it done and I would do it again if I needed to!

the risks are the same regardless of who is doing it first. whether you get blinded or not after has no effect on the probability that she will be blind.

your mom doesn't really love you

robotiick 12

no really I thought she loved him with all her heart