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Today, my mom's intense fear of tornadoes caused her to break into the bathroom, drag me off the toilet while I was changing my tampon, and drag me to the basement with my pants around my ankles to join my father, brother, and my brother's best friend. FML
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What makes this story interesting is the possibility that there wasn't actually a tornado going on at the time.

I would probably throw my used tampon at her. That's just me though.


What makes this story interesting is the possibility that there wasn't actually a tornado going on at the time.

dominic1221 6

What makes it interesting is that OP's mom is a ******* paranoid nut who should stop flushing her meds down the toilet. I'm serious, this is just disturbing behavior.

MichellinMan 20

but wait, then why would OP's mother do that? excuse me if I'm just being plain stupid.

#31. I don't quite understand what you're asking, but people hide underground during tornadoes to protect them from debris and being blown away by the winds. If she was crazy and stopped taking her meds, she could have been hallucinating and thus lead her to freak out and try to protect everyone. *flies away*

Hiimhaileypotter 52

It's even more interesting if you read it as "My mom's intense fear of TOMATOES....." like I did.

Yeah I live in Kentucky and I'm pretty sure there weren't any severe storms yesterday. Just some rain- not even bad enough to cancel a bike ride.

66, that's exactly how I read it the first time too :D haha

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A couple days ago there was a bad storm that caused a tornado a little north of Evansville Indiana. I'm pretty sure it was on Tuesday. I don't think it caused a lot of damage though

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I had a storm at my house last night. The way it was headed would take it to Indiana.

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There was actually a tornado in Northwestern Indiana last night. We had some pretty severe storms.

Stay tuned! The Weather Channel® will be right back!

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I read that at first too.... I had to reread it. Lol

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72-I live in Fort Wayne. I was in Target when the storm hit and they made all of the customers take shelter in the back stock room until the storm was over because of the tornadoes. So yes there were bad storms on Indiana

Ohhhhh. I read the post as "tomatos". Now things make more sense

I would probably throw my used tampon at her. That's just me though.

MichellinMan 20
MichellinMan 20

^ if you don't know what the "artest elbow " is, just look up Ron artest elbow on youtube.

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79- I am pretty sure that was the point.

Parden me if im wrong but aint the USA out of tornado season?

Like how Salt Lake City had a tornado hit like 10 or so years ago. Not exactly a place known for having tornados.

MichellinMan 20

this comment shouldn't be getting any thumbs down.

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18- exactly. He was polite when asking.

I always thought that tornado season lasted from March to around the end of June, at the latest, and I live in Oklahoma. Tornadoes are part of spring weather, and the actual season for them is spring, like when you have all the tornado chaser shows(storm chasers). That's when you have the big storms and crazy weather on the plains. So yeah, I would say tornado season is over, though rare ones can occur any time throughout the year, particularly when it is warm- hot outside, along with humidity. Tornadoes form under specific conditions, and if late August it happens to be hot and humid with a cold front moving in, and just the right amount of energy in the air, you can have yourself a tornado. But yeah, we aren't in "tornado season" right now, where you have the specific news for storm watchers and other things designated to early warnings for severe weather.

there is no set season where tornadoes cannot happen. they are more frequent during the late spring/summer because of the constant changing temperature during the former, and the intense heat during the latter. they happen more often in some places than others; for example, the Midwest is considered Tornado Alley because it's generally where the warm fronts and cold fronts collide, and is also generally pretty flat. Also, there have been times where tornadoes occur in the winter; just this past December, there were reports of several tornadoes throughout the country due to the unseasonably warm weather.

The central plains are called Tornado Alley because you have the dry air coming from the West, and humid air coming from the East. You have the hot air coming from the South, and the cold air coming from the North. That's why it's so ******* windy. And because its so flat that nothing stops the winds. And when those airs collide they make conditions ripe for tornados. Although there is no set season for when they can't happen, there is a set season for when they are extremely likely and when meteorologists are working their butts off to warn people early of severe weather.

He's being punny why can't people get that?? .___.

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I've had one hit my house in the middle of January before.

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I live in Missouri and we had tornado warnings and alerts last night. In Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana tornados occur frequently throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.

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We've had warnings in Minnesota throughout July, but then again we've had the weirdest weather throughout the whole year. Our snowy season ended in late January.

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yes, it did say that she broke into the bathroom. you were almost smart there.

Also, not everyone has a lock on their bathroom door.

Mine does, despite being 400$ per month apartment in bronx. I also make sure i resist being dragged away

And mine doesn't and I live in a house in southern orange county so what? It doesn't matter where you live some bathrooms don't have locks.


I would say keep a stash of tampons/pads in the basement, just in case this happens again.

MichellinMan 20

the possibility of that happening again is very unlikely.

Wow 23, I've seen you rag off a few people in this thread, angry much?

23 obviously doesn't have a sense of humor :)

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We had a tornado about two weeks ago. Just saying.

MichellinMan 20

I'm not ragging off anybody. I'm deleting this shitty app soon. people on here are ten times worse than YouTube. that's right, **** all of you.

87 - You're the one making crappy comments, so.

87) If you're trying to get on someone's favorite list, you're doing it wrong.

Just because everyone thumbs you down it doesn't mean the app is shitty. It means you need to reevaluate your commenting skills.

I have an intense fear of tornadoes as well. Not to mention it was for your safety, if there even actually was a tornado. Better to be safe than sorry.

MichellinMan 20

yes but her mom dragged her off the ******* toilet while she was changing a tampons and into the basement, junk showing. that's being more of a crazy ******* mother than safe.

Yeah, but what if that tornado was less than a mile away? I wouldn't wanna get sucked up with my hand shoved up my crotch. If there was just a tornado warning and no visible sign of one, the mother should have at least let her finish before dragging her out but we don't know the whole story.

cantthinkofshit 5

You shove your hand up your crotch to put/change a tampon? If your that loose, an std will probably kill you before a tampon.

No but it basically looks like you're about to, and I don't/won't have an STD, nor am I loose. Thanks for the insight though.

Oh ya 7, you are so right. Taking 2 seconds to pull up her pants would just be too much of a risk!.... -.-

Unless she wanted to walk out of the bathroom with bloody hands then it would add a little bit of time!

#27. Tornado warnings mean that you must seek shelter immediately and that a tornado funnel is currently touching the ground. The sirens go off. A tornado watch is issued when conditions are ripe for a tornado, and they're searching the skies for any funnels that may form or may be forming.

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You're from new jersey, I really don't think you'll need to be worrying about tornadoes anytime soon. Seeing as how I'm from PA I can kind of back that up lol

I've never experienced one in real life, which is why I'm glad I live in a state that doesn't get them often. But having seen the movie Twister since I was extremely young, I've always had a fear of them.

AClassActx3 7

She could just TOLD her its an emergency, hurry, we have to get to the basement. DUH! OP I'm sorry, I couldn't help but laugh but this is really disturbing. FYL

It would have been nice had mom at least let her daughter pull her pants up so she didn't flash everyone. And I'm willing to bet that there wasn't a tornado in sight, just tornado *warning* in which case, Chickenshit Mom could have let OP finish changing her tampon before she went to the basement.

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I live in new jersey but I'm from the Midwest and every time I go out there I pray to see one. I might have more of an obsession than a fear I also love hurricanes wind storms and severely dangerous lightning

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You do know there is such a thing called the EAS?

43, changing a tampon does not include, at any point in time, ever, having blood on your hands. I would know, as a woman who uses them (as well as having changed mine about an hour ago). also, when you commented as #57, I'd like to point out that we don't care.

Maybe it's the way I read it, but your mom sounds freakishly strong in this FML if she was able to drag you that far.

She couldn't have been easy to drag along either - not in that situation lol

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People don't have the balls to stand up for themselves any more. Just look at that FML about the 13 year old kid in the elevator.

I was thinking the same thing- as if her mom threw her over her shoulder and had her in the basement in moments. As if op couldn't just say, "Mom, let me change my mfing tampon first," before her mom could make it that far

A mother in a time of need, specially when she thinks she is saving her child from harm ways doubles her strength. It's called adrenaline, basically a mom can become wonder woman lol.

They always say Aftershock is the worst of the disaster - good luck, OP

quite_bored 9

Tornadoes don't have aftershocks.

mrlopez 13

But they do have an aftermath, if algebra is concerned.

Time to make her fear you more than she fears tornadoes.