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Today, my mom refused to sign me up for a CPR class, reasoning that if I was ever put in a situation where a person was choking, I could save them using my "common sense" and "intellect". I need the class to graduate. FML
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  bfsd42  |  20

37, it was obviously a joke saying that the mom is lacking common sense and intellect. If you took a CPR class, you would have realized this.

  wlddog  |  14

Ok, time for another quick class.
If the person is choking, get behind them and ball up one fist. Then place is just below the center of their ribs, and grasp your fist with your other hand. Pull your hand inward and upward in a powerful motion. Repeat if needed. If success is not made in the first 3 attempts, tell someone else around you to call 911. Check for a pulse.

If they have no pulse, you will need to pump their heart for them until help arrives.

If that person passes out, make sure 911 has been called.
Check to see if you can sweep their mouth and clear their throat. If nothing can be seen or felt, begin chest compressions to the beat of "Anotherone bites the dust". Sounds morbid, but its the right pace.

The chest compressions are more important then the help breathing. The pumping action will also most likely break some of their ribs, so it is not to be done unless they are not going to make it anyway. But is better for them to be alive and suffer a few broken ribs, then be dead.

I am sure I left something out so please comment, but this is what I remember and hopefully it will save someone that cant go to class.

  toon_girl  |  12

@49, good advice but just a couple of points - Check they actually are choking before you start abdominal thrusts - otherwise you end up as an FML on here!
And check if they're breathing if they're unconcious, never do CPR on someone who is breathing.

  wlddog  |  14

Its hard to make sure I hit all the points. Its been a few years since i was in class.
I do agree, it is best to ensure they are breathing. As a disclaimer, you can always call 911 and the person on the other line will walk you through it. They deal with it everyday and you most likely will be too freaked out to femember everything anyway.

  MallowMistress  |  13

Make sure you have a conscious persons permission first as well, or you can be sued.

As well, Heimlich can be performed on a pregnant woman, or a very large person, by thrusting against the chest plate, one arm over a shoulder, the other under, grasping hands on the breast plate.

  Rababco  |  29

@5 Wow, that must have been terrifying! To not know if you could save her or if she'd back to life or not. What happened, based on the wording I'm assuming she's alive. I'm a bit of writer so I've imagined my characters going through these types of situations but I've never experienced anything like this and I hope I never will.

  furbyface711  |  9

It could be to graduate from high school. I hate to take a first aid and safety class my senior year. You had to take it at a local fire department or the Red Cross so you needed a parent to sign you up. Or at least I did because I was only 17.

  Synistiel  |  14

82- I'd love to know what high school you go/went to. No one should be paying for any classes. Maybe a card fee to be certified, but never for the whole class. A required course, especially. That is ridiculous.

By  Sandsh8rk  |  36

Your mom is talking shit. People dont just instantly learn how to do CPR, you need to be professionally trained to administer it. Being a Surf Life Saver, I would know.

  medichick  |  5

Actually if you take a class, you instantly learn it AND are professionally trained. You don't have to be in a certain field to do CPR. Anyone off the street and take a class, learn it, and administer it if needed.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!
Retard is a fitting word for those that insult others, yet have no concept of punctuation, spelling, or grammar.
Have fun being intellectually superior to about 6% of the population, babe.