By Anonymous - United States
Today, my mom put a candle on in the living room. She told the family "how much she loved it!" My mom then went on the tell us that my dad got it for her and it must have been some cheap candle. I bought the candle as a gift for her on her birthday. Thanks mom. FML
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  Vaetrus  |  0

Yea, I didn't get that. She loved it.. then it was a cheap candle..

So FYL because she loved it, she thought it was from dad, she called it cheap, it wasn't cheap? What's going on here? Did the dad re-use a candle as a gift because the birthday was three months ago?

By  Witchcraft_fml  |  4

Wait, so...
She loves it, but also thinks it must be a cheap piece of crap?
Tell her to make up her mind.

I know people can love cheap things, but the way the OP described her saying it sounds like she was complaining about it.

  ddlovatolover  |  23

I think OP's mom announced that she loved it in front of the dad, because she thought that he bought it for her and wanted to please him, but them told OP & possible siblings (hence the 'us') that it was probably cheap.

By  lighthearted  |  0

Sounds to me like she really likes it, but she wanted to slip in a jab at your dad. I don't think it had anything to do with you or your present; don't worry about it.

By  hijueputa  |  0

Hey dude, well at least she said she loved it. BTW, Was it a cheapo candle that you bought her? or did you spend more than a couple quid on it? Anyway, stop crying, like I said at least she said she liked it!