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Today, my mom picked up my dog from the groomers. I came home to find a small female terrier on our couch. My dog is a full grown male maltese. What's worse is that it took me a full 20 minutes to convince my mom that she had picked up the wrong dog. FML
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Actually, a maltese is classified as a 'toy' dog, so when you say 'full grown maltese', you mean a dog breed that looks almost identical in every respect to a standard white terrier. If the dog wasn't her's, that's a perfectly reasonable mistake to make.

Evidently on-one on here knows what a maltese is.


Does anybody realize that maybe the dogs had the same name (something that works with both genders) And it was the groomer that made the mistake when they went back to get the dog and the mom didn't notice cuz maybe the dog was in a carrier or something


I have a maltese and I find it offensive that you will judge a whole breed of dogs by the very few encounters that your ignorance shows. I'm not going to badmouth terriers because I am not a dog racist but my Stella is fucking AWESOME even tho she is a Maltese.

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I like how you say full grown maltese as if that's going to stop the breed from being around the same size as a terrier... This could have been a pretty honest mistake, especially if it's a new pet, because of the size and look. There are plenty of terrier maltese crossbreed anyway, like morkies, so unless each dig was a purebred they could have had similar coloring too.