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By  TomeDr  |  21

Get to a doctor now. If you ARE pregnant, someone may have slipping you a date rape drug. If you’re NOT pregnant, the doctor can tell you why you’re getting a false positive.


Unless she was drugged which, being a minor(as we can assume per the grounding) is unlikely unless she goes to parties, she probably would've woken up to the pain of rape. Also, unless she was sleeping in an unfamiliar place, rape would mean that, unless it was her dad or other male relative, someone snuck into their house with the intention to rape someone when they are much less likely to be caught if they attack some random drunk girl at a club.
It's way more likely that there's some medical issue here. She needs a doctor, not police.

  Vesi  |  25

@Tarabella Please.. please.. for the love of all that is biological, Please take a class on the reproductive systems. Look it up online, go to a trusted site like Mayo clinic.. because you are being taught entirely wrong and it will be detrimental to your sexual and emotional health to have false information about how that all works.


Like the above users said. Also, sex isn’t the only way to break a hymen. Horseback riders and gymnasts quite likely either don’t have one or already broke it due to their activities.

  Gradask  |  10

You cannot see if a woman have had sex, unless it is brutal rape, but then it due the bruising and other things. Oh yeah I took this video, because the two best one which say the same thing is in Dutch and Swedish.
You can test positive for pregnancy due to whole of weird things, like phantom pregnancy, ovary cyst and a lot more.

  lilacgold  |  14

Look, I never said it was LIKELY to get pregnant without having sex, but it does happen rarely. Sexual activities like mutual masturbation and oral sex can result in pregnancy if the people involved aren't careful and semen gets transferred to the vulva. Anything else that puts fresh semen close to the vulva also has a tiny chance of resulting in pregnancy.

  maroongrad  |  13

Health teacher here. That is absolutely true.

And the hymen has to be broken? How stupid are people? Of course, we just bottle up aaaaall our menstrual fluid until the first time we have sex. Hint, if big ol' red clots can come out, a sperm can go up.

She either played hot-n-heavy, was raped (I know a 12 year old who was taking heavy pain med after surgery who found out she was pregnant about 8 months later and had NO IDEA), or has a severe medical issue going on.

The fact that she's not throwing a fit and insisting that the doctor follow up on this and freaking out about, oh, an ovarian cyst, possible cancer, etc. is disturbing. Not "My mom was going to ground me until she realized I was freaking out about being sick and going to the hospital..." Yeah, any parent would want some follow-up information on that. Unless the parents were so stupid (and as a health teacher, this is NOT unusual) that they never bothered to let their kid know that it takes ONE sperm, and it doesn't have to start off inside you....

By  TomeDr  |  21

Get to a doctor now. If you ARE pregnant, someone may have slipping you a date rape drug. If you’re NOT pregnant, the doctor can tell you why you’re getting a false positive.

By  Sarah Newport  |  3

Hi, you need to go see a Dr immediately. It's highly unlikely to get a false positive unless you have something medically wrong. Or you are actually pregnant and too scared to admit it which I get. I would suggest you need blood tests and an ultrasound/CT scan of your ovaries and uterus. I know this will probably scare you but cancer can mimic the symptoms of pregnancy and it's not something you want to ignore.

By  Sandra Foran  |  10

Time to start a religion