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Unfortunately it often extends beyond the season, in my house we have a similar clock, which my mother refuses to take down until the batteries die... It's been going off every hour on the hour for over a year now- it's to the point where anytime that I look at a clock on the hour (not at home) I hear the corresponding song


76-find dead batteries from some other appliance when you can, wait until she isnt home and put the dead batteries in place of the not dead ones. or topple it on the ground so it no longer plays and jist act like it fell off the hook on the wall or something.

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On the first hour of christmas clock, my true love gave to me A shotgun in a pear tree On the second hour of christmas clock my true love gave to me Two molotovs and a shotgun in a pear tree On the third hour of chirstmas clock my true love gave to me three epipens Two molotovs and a shotgun in a pear tree


#44 - Obviously, moving out is the perfect solution. Isn't it? I mean, when I become annoyed with my parents furniture, the first thought that comes to mind is, "hey, I think I should move out because this furniture is annoying me." Are you stupid?


Odd, isn't the combined annoyances of being in your parents house the reason most people move out? Our is that too mainstream these days? I have noticed a lot of people finding excuses and coping methods to allow themselves to stay at home for most of a decade longer than was customary a generation ago.

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