By iloveyoutoomom - 08/06/2011 13:03 - France

Today, my mom had an appointment with my teacher after class. She never showed. My teacher ended up driving me home. FML
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SugarCrazy 14

Nice teacher... Mine would've been like "Walk to the bus stop -.-"

Even parents are still scared of teachers it seems.


srayray 5


Did you remind her? Maybe she forgot or something, or she thought it wasn't that important.

DudeImBetter 0

or maybe her mom is some kind of dumbass.

at least op got a ride though.. none of my teachers would have even offered. they would have been like, "well alright then, see you at school!"

the teacher part was a good thing, but people are forgetful. you can't tell me you honestly remembered something without being reminded at least once.

neither of my parents have ever purposefully made a nearing with my parents and forgot, if they cant make it to something for me they let me know beforehand, it's not hard to put an appointment in ur phone

OPs mom must've been busy entertaining herself and lost track of time.

imacreeper 3

Be lucky you didn't have to stay alone. I was in the same situation once and the teacher said "Goodbye, have a great weekend. Projects are due Tuesday." -_-

CountryGirl111 7

aw poor op =( nd how could she think it wasnt important its her kid!

VeeVengeance 0

I bet she was too busy plowing the guy from up the street. Sorry buddy, your mom's a whore.

DaslovesTrack 2

what a messed up parent...

lmao. some kind of dumbass. i bet that was an akward ride home.

haha u were stood up by ur mom :D

you shouldn't drive with strangers :P

Use you polite words, 9.

DaslovesTrack 2

nice bulldog

Even parents are still scared of teachers it seems.

lonewolf6613 4

teachers are scared of my mom... is that bad?

delaney4 0

same here lonewolf

my school knows if they don't please me they'll hear from my mom, so I have it pretty easy ;)

lonewolf6613 4

I always threaten to get my mom involved. after that I tend to get my way. having a scary mommy has its advantages :)

exactly 107 you get ma drift completely :)

astrotacohead 0

wow u seem like a fag who can't fight his own fights I would like to kick ur ass o wait you'll probably call ur mom to fight for u

lonewolf6613 4

wow u seem like a fag since ur gay enough to hit a girl who has done nothing to you. dumbass I can't argue with a teacher even though most of mine are assholes who will give u a failing grade and refuse to tutor you if u have red highlights. those are the cases when I call my mom so don't speak if you don't know. and for the record if you were to so much as lay a hand on me I'd kick your ass. I don't care if you are a girl or a guy.

SugarCrazy 14

Nice teacher... Mine would've been like "Walk to the bus stop -.-"

ahhhh you're so cute....:)

Mine would've been like "I can't legally do that" I'm 19 on a degree course as we can't take our lecturer to the pub for a thankyou. our uni policy sucks

there has got to be a part 2 to this story

Well.. There isn't.

rawrrawrrachael 0

is your life dedicated to posting stupid comments on FMLs? just wondering.

pretty damn close

50, is your life dedicated to questioning other peoples dedications?

A7X_LoVeee 10

81 is your life dedicated to question others who question other people's dedications?

lonewolf6613 4

102 is your life dedicated to... aww forget it. It's too confusing to word that question. or maybe I'm just lazy

Guys, are your lives dedicated to questioning the previous guys dedications?!

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have had to catch the bus.

what if your mom had the teacher as a child? :D

I think what they meant was "what if your mom had the teacher when your mom was a child?"

yeah, my bad. I was joking that maybe the mom was in her class when she was younger.

That made perfect sense to me the first time..

her mom had the sex with teacher when she was a child?

Her mum gave birth to the teacher in child form? :O

sky22_fml 7

That made sense the first time to me lol...

lulututu 4

95 made me laugh out loud :)

Maybe your mom was in detention??

that was not funny...

How awkward. :S

your boss giving you a ride is worse.

25shark 5

who cares?