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  doom2  |  8

at least op got a ride though.. none of my teachers would have even offered. they would have been like, "well alright then, see you at school!"

  misomalu  |  0

neither of my parents have ever purposefully made a nearing with my parents and forgot, if they cant make it to something for me they let me know beforehand, it's not hard to put an appointment in ur phone

  imacreeper  |  3

Be lucky you didn't have to stay alone. I was in the same situation once and the teacher said "Goodbye, have a great weekend. Projects are due Tuesday." -_-

  lonewolf6613  |  4

wow u seem like a fag since ur gay enough to hit a girl who has done nothing to you. dumbass I can't argue with a teacher even though most of mine are assholes who will give u a failing grade and refuse to tutor you if u have red highlights. those are the cases when I call my mom so don't speak if you don't know. and for the record if you were to so much as lay a hand on me I'd kick your ass. I don't care if you are a girl or a guy.

  yummcookie  |  0

Mine would've been like "I can't legally do that" I'm 19 on a degree course as we can't take our lecturer to the pub for a thankyou. our uni policy sucks