By Anonymous - Canada
  Today, my mom had a talk with me while my dad was out. She said to stop using her lotion for my masturbation sessions. I asked her how long did she know. She replied with, "Ever since we put up that camera in the living room for burglars, where you happen to watch your porn." FML
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  Person000  |  0

this is soooooo god damn fake. 1 no mom would ask her son that she would say "have u been using my lotion" no mention of fapping. 2 why wouldnt they tell u about a cam. 3. this doesn't happen no parent goes HEY I WATCHED U F

  Person000  |  0

NO parent would ever go to their son saying HEY I WAS WATCHING YOU JACK OFF ON MY SECRET CAMERa, STOP USING
MY Lotion.
son: oH!!HOW LoNg DID U KnOW.

that doesn't happen

By  Snuwishuhad  |  0

That has to be disturbing. Though I don't know what is more disturbing, this FML, or the fact that your mom not only approached you about it but watched closely enough to realize you used her lotion on more than one occasion.

  ShimmyPizza  |  0

You totally read my mind.

And OP; YDI for masturbating in the living room. Masturbate in your own room. Though I also agree with #10 on the privacy part. My guess is that if you would've known there was a camera, this wouldn't have happened.

  st0815  |  9

Seems like a good way to raise a serial killer. "Hey let's totally violate our son's privacy by spying on him with a hidden camera, then humiliate him by telling him we saw him masturbating. That should really help his normal sexual development." Yep, nothing could go wrong with that plan.

Setting up a camera to catch a burglar, and not telling your own son about it? Sure that makes so much sense...

  gothymama  |  0

Wow, I didn't even think of that! But yeah, FYL for getting caught, F your mom's life for you using her lotion, and YDI for doing it in the living room!


i'd have to agree, someone should have told you they put a camera there. i mean seriously, what the fuck? its like "oh hun i forgot to tell you that i installed a camera in the living room for burglers but all this time i've been watching you masturbate?"
your mother is creepy because obviously she's been watching you do this for awhile and didn't tell you that there's a camera there. honestly, you deserve it though, i mean can't you go masturbate in your own room and not in a public area? but i still think your mother or father should have mentioned it to you.

  englishmuffin  |  0

He could be a college student who isn't home most of the time. During the school year, my parents make plenty of changes to the house without telling me. I just tend to notice them at some point later on when I come back home.