By awkward - 27/02/2011 12:39 - Finland

Today, my mom got me a job working for the man she's cheating on my dad with. My dad doesn't know that she's cheating, and my mom doesn't know that I know. It's just awkward. FML
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Have you thought about maybe confronting your mom? I mean, how can you carry on with your daily life knowing that your mom is cheating on your dad? On principle alone, I wouldn't work for the guy that my mom is having an affair with. Grow a pair and talk to your parents.

Blackmail ur mom! :D


pimplayer 0

op tell ur dad, make things a little interesting

Wow, my head hurts from reading this FML :/

zowieandzander77 1

me too... maybe the mom should start seeing an English professor so they can tutor the OP.

op doesnt need an English professor it's just a really complicated FML

nevermind I just re read it she does need a grammar class or two

Rachel_fml 20

Sorry about that. I hope it's easier to read now. ;-)

Thanks for that Rachel :)

You really should tell your dad, or atleast confront your mom about it.

Does anybody ever actually reply to #1 when they click the reply button on their comment? Jw

OP's mom is a terrible person. just sayin'.

That sucks, but if you need a job..

avenged sevenfold fucking rules, r.i.p the rev. </3

agreed!!! A7X foREVer!!!

RIP Jimmy. A7x will never be the same without him.

daaron 3

dude I smell a promotion dumbass hello blackmail

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Omg!!! You love A7X too?!? Come here baaaby ;D Jkjkjk.

aww that sucks/: hopefully things will work out and no one will get killed :3

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Karla, keep dreaming. I am in awe of the picture for your are a great looking woman, with a head on her shoulders! Wow! ;)

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This FMYLIFE men, not fucking

KyleIsSoFine 0

Lol. You're funnay ;D

loolol, it is awkward, but not a fml.

Her dad is cheating on her mum, with OP's "boss" i suppose. That's an FML.

TayonaC 10

actually the moms cheating not the dad... man I wouldnt know what to do, tell my dad or let him find out on his own FML

Loshy is just a troll who was banned but has now returned with a new account.

I wonder why this comment isn't moderated...

lolol you guys make me laugh oh and #38 i love you :)

1 word: Orgy

tentacle shotacon rape

1 word: Orgy

You mean from the guy she is cheating on *with* your dad?

whatever we all got the point.

The guy she is cheating *with* on her dad.

The guy she is cheating on daddy *with*

is this a game where you just move words around?

the op said it right

It was edited by the mods. It wasn't always right. SMH

the *with cheating guy on

so technically the mods could have completely altered the fml. I feel a conspiracy in the works

no if the mom was cheating "with" her dad she would be cheating on the dad with her dad or cheating on the other guy with her dad

what she said^ is right. she'd be cheating on the other guy with the dad.

stillnotaredhead 10

you mean 'the guy with whom my mom is cheating"

grammatical nazis are pricks.

You mean from the guy she is cheating on *with* your dad?

dyates27 0

FYL lmao what a terrible situation

Yes, violence is always the right answer! OP's mom most be tougt how to behave, she obviously can't make her own decisions! Beat them both! To dead! Yeaaah, right solution!!!! We will just ignore the fact that OP is a girl and that she has no reason to beat the guy.

.........I think you commented on the wrong comment.

I say beat him. you can disagree but nothing beats a girl beating the snot out of a guy in entertainment quality. create your lengthy comment replies to feel somewhat dignified. I won't read them.

No, I didn't, the comment I replied to simply seems to be moved. Meuh.

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beat the guy shes cheating with up

Not that i'm calling girls weak or anything, but it's not exactly something you expect a girl to do.

zakkyzebra 11

So you're saying OP is weak because she's a girl?

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if she jumped him with a nine iron to the back of the head, even a girl can kill a man

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#33 she can kick him in the balls and once his on the floor she can beat the shit out of him..... just saying girls r not weak :) (but she shouldn't do it)