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By  KaitHud  |  0

Have you thought about maybe confronting your mom? I mean, how can you carry on with your daily life knowing that your mom is cheating on your dad? On principle alone, I wouldn't work for the guy that my mom is having an affair with. Grow a pair and talk to your parents.

  jayAZ  |  3

Karla, keep dreaming. I am in awe of the picture for your are a great looking woman, with a head on her shoulders! Wow! ;)

  DjeePee  |  24

Yes, violence is always the right answer! OP's mom most be tougt how to behave, she obviously can't make her own decisions! Beat them both! To dead! Yeaaah, right solution!!!!

We will just ignore the fact that OP is a girl and that she has no reason to beat the guy.


I say beat him. you can disagree but nothing beats a girl beating the snot out of a guy in entertainment quality. create your lengthy comment replies to feel somewhat dignified.

I won't read them.