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  Syneriam  |  7

I think this is a sign that OP's mom did not like the name for her future grandchild. It's still not okay, talk to her about it. If anything just pick a different name, I'm sure there's another you might like :)

  Stardew  |  19

17, I don't understand why you would name your dog something you don't like. Maybe OP's mom loved the name Olivia and wanted her puppy to have it. Though if that were the case, she should have waited until after the baby was born so it wouldn't seem as though OP was naming her child after a dog :/

  downtime  |  12

33, Perhaps but really, who would even think that the child was named after the dog? Already there's people (not yourself) blowing this out of proportion, it's just a minor inconvenience, and a fun story. There's really nothing to get butt hurt over here.

  Syneriam  |  7

33, maybe op's mom did not hate the name, but she just simply did not like it for her grandchild and decided to give it to her puppy. (I'm not saying it is right, but it could happen) or, maybe op's mom had no idea that op picked that name for her future baby, there are a lot of reasons here, I'm just trying to give my opinion on what I though it could have been.

  Futacy  |  29

Here are a few other names:


Just a thought, because no one wants to live their life thinking they were named after a dog.

  Mauskau  |  35

Brooklyn and Audrey are such ugly names. Audrey seems more of a dog's name though (blame neighbours) and Brooklyn.. Only a name you find in America that everyone else laughs at, just like calling your child after a number, fruit or a day.

  bronsrawr  |  1

So OP is supposed to go from Olivia, which is a decent name, to something like "Brooklyn". Maybe OP doesn't want her daughter to have a white trash name...?

  little_one  |  20

I meant to thumb down 114 I hate when that happens. I'm sorry but giving your child "a good Christian name" is asking for a coke fiend stripper daughter. IMOP

  Futacy  |  29

77- Do you know how many people you've insulted named Audrey or Brooklyn? And you're not even American, so don't talk down on American names. They're different than British/Australian/Wherever names.

  alicexo_fml  |  8

My mind is blown that you people are suggesting the child's name be changed rather than the dog. Is this sarcasm that I'm not getting? The naming of a person is a little more important than naming a dog.

  JBMcC  |  7

Moms are always doing shit like this, embarrassing you In front of friends, constantly calling you, and stealing your daughters name for their new puppy.... When will they learn.

By  Nymphetamatrix  |  19

If she just got it, then maybe you can try to talk her out of the name before the pup gets used to being called Olivia... Or you can just come up with a different, and better name for your child.

  kewlkate  |  9

Any name could be relatively easy for the dog to adapt to. Olivia has more syllables than is preferred for a dogs name, so it could probably adapt quickly to a name with less syllables. It might even respond better.