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  livgasms  |  4

15 is way too old to first get that talk from your mum, you'll have been going through puberty for a couple years by then and sex could easily already have happened.


She could have given you birds and bees while they were taking a dump. That would just be messy, like giving birth to a marshmallow. I hope I've given you all something to think about here...

  deathbydolls  |  12

Both of my parents were the same way, it became natural to have a heartfelt convo from the bathroom. I figure it helped me a better adult by the openess and honesty of it all

  Meixpr  |  12

No, she just sat there and read from a magazine sometimes, and would ask me to go over there to check if there was anything I liked from said magazine. At some point, it stopped being alarming. I wish she could've sang something, though.