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Today, my mom drove me to football practice. On the way she told me that she thought I was gay and that my friend was my lover. After 15 agonizing minutes of this, we get to my practice only to be greeted by my shirtless friend wearing a pink bandana saying "Man, you hit me hard last night." FML
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I love doing that to my friends too!

Bad timing :(


I love doing that to my friends too!

YDI for being gay

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Ah that sux...I'm sorry about that =P


YDI for playing football, and telling your mom you are not gay even though you are. go get some ass. I GEt ( Y )

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hehe go deep makes happy. not like that you perv, although...

everyone needs to shut the hell up and quit being a homophobe. it doesent matter if someones gay, and if you've got a problem with gay people then shut up and go die

I agree, they just like people of the same sex. BIG DEAL!

YDI for being gay

Perfect! :) hahaha

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Well, are you?

^^ Same question, are you or not? I honestly can't decide here.

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Did you put "show tunes" on and sing along while she was driving to practice?

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I don't know that I got "supportive" out of this. However, OP, this isn't all that unusual. In today's society, it's pretty normal for parents to worry about which way their child will lean once it becomes an issue

well, for a parent to ask if you are gay and if someone is your lover, it means they are ready for you to say yes if it is true. it's possible she said it in a rude way, but my guess is the guy actually is gay and she was right and just wanted him to be open.

hate to be a troll.... YDI for being gay

Agreed - total YDI for being gay

If you were gay, you'd play rugby.

#27 Rugby isnot for gay people sheesh I wish people would play a sport before calling it gay -_- Rugby is one of the toughest sports out there. Go play a Prop or a Second Row because you wouldn't survive.

I'm not saying that it isn't tough. Not all gay men fit the sissy-boy stereotype. It looks like a great opportunity to touch a lot of big, strong, burly men. I don't like being touched by men, so even if I could survive, it would gross me out. Wrestiling is also tough as hell, but I wouldn't want to play a sport where some dudes nuts could end up in my face! There are gay rugby leagues. Enjoy your next scrum.

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Sexually insecure much, bro?

The whole rugby =groping men= gay is not something I believe to be true, but it's the only real thing I can say to the fucking rugby-addicted jocks in my year.

Well, Gavik, I like touching and being touched by women, so I am sexually secure with that gender. Is not wanting to touch or be touched by other men so big problem, Dr. Freud? By the way, I'm OK with shaking hands; does that make me "normal" in your book?

I agree with #58

hah, agreed. =]

true. rugby is fucking hard. play it before u diss it

i completely agree i broken almost every bone in my body at some point playing rugby

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that's funny.

Oh, that's funny! But really, your sexuality isn't any of your mom's damn business.

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Actually, she's one of the few people whose business it is. If he's gay, she has less of a chance of having grandchildren.

If she had kids for the sole purpose of controlling the rest of their lives, she fucked up.

And how does that make it her business, potatopeeler? Even if he is straight, that doesn't mean that he wants kids and his mom doesn't have any say in that whatsoever.

....that still doesn't make it her business! Who cares if she gets grandchildren from him or not? She shouldn't be concerned with only that in life!

She never controlled him she just said he's gay that's not 'controlling'

She never controlled him she just said he's gay that's not 'controlling'

If she's all up in his sex life because she'd planned to demand grandchildren, that's controlling.

(I think FML ate my reply again... shoulda copied...) I think it's her business, solely because she's his mother. However, she has no right to accuse him or demand he tell her; that's up to him, and if he never says a word, then it's only her fault because she made him so uncomfortable about it. You're supposed to be able to tell your mother anything...

So you think it's her business but that he has no obligation to tell her or listen to her opinions about it? How is that her business again?

i thnk she shud kno jus in case sumthing happens to him. Sum1 mite hurt him becuz of his sexual preference. It'd b better she hear it from him b4 than to have the police tell her that her son was assaulted in a hate crime.

Translation to English please?

108: Just because she's family, and specifically because she's his mother. It's something that concerns that little thing she pushed out of her body and continued to support though it wasn't attached to her any longer. I DO personally think he should tell her, but what I meant is that it's not up to his mother to demand when. I think 111 has a point, horribly written though it is. You know, she wouldn't (or at least shouldn't) want her son to be involved in a fag drag. But of course, apparently he is not gay, so it doesn't matter.

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why nt 9? when ppl are straight they dont try to keep THAT from there parents....

110-Please, can you try that again, but spell it so we can actually UNDERSTAND it?

I don't know, I can comprehend 110's sentence quite easily. Yea, it took me till 5th grade to be able to put words together in these situations, but I'm sure you'll get it eventually 184

I'm gay, and we have kids...

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. . . you guys are fucking retarded he meant he hit him hard with the "ball" not with his cock sick pervs

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omg reallyyyyyyyyyyy????? we cudnt tell.............................................................

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so Unregistered didnt register that we knew that the mother thought what he said meant that the op and his friend had sex last night...that fits your name perfectly!