By mymomplucksbutthair - 25/06/2013 20:43 - United States

Today, my mom confessed to me that she used to pluck my step-dad's butt hair. I hope the brain-gods delete this obnoxious mental picture. FML
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xAkonz 10

I think it's up to the god Uranus rather than the brain gods.

Maybe she will pluck yours?


Maybe she will pluck yours?

PulseShock 9

That takes a very "special" mother-daughter relationship.

She should just focus on not thinking about it while masturbating oops now she will

Oh my.. Maybe this won't stain my brain either..

I hope you never used you mom's tweezers!

xAttackAttackx 25

The mental picture? Ask them to delete the times you most likely used those same tweezers.

xAkonz 10

I think it's up to the god Uranus rather than the brain gods.

MaxPlain69 8

Thank goodness I have no idea what your parents look like!

Like their ass is dependent on their facial features...

Occasionally it's hard to tell which is which.

6 - You could just substitute them for your parents if that makes things easier? Enjoy the mental image!

30 - fuck you. I was perfectly fine keeping my mind filtered. Then your comment got through.

Good thing I can't imagine these kinds of things.

This is one of those things you do not post on FML. Now you have stuck every poor bastard that reads this with that image.

There's no such thing as taboo on FML.

Why did she feel the need to confess that? I know way worse secrets.

Like that she had sex in OP's bed

Hairy canary lol.