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he was discussing the theory of evolution and how he drew the short straw. the penis was asking for a hand to move penis is afraid of dark wet places after some traumatizing experiences during puberty


I'm pretty sure this is how the conversation went down. penis:"what the fuck , you are such a freak.. the stuff you do with me is crazy" OP:"no it's not.." penis:"yes it is! remember that time when you were with that girl at the macaroni convention?" OP:"no we need a second opinion" penis:"I'll use my penis power and call your mom in here" OP:"nooo!" penis:"why not? she and I are good friends *wink*" mom:"honey, your penis called me. what's up? "


the coversation went like this .... dear penis i dont think i like you anymore you used to watch me shave now all you do is stare at the floor dear penis i dont like you anymore

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