By deadman - 16/08/2013 01:06 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my mom came into my room to give me a goodbye kiss. Due to the routine of my girlfriend doing the exact same thing in the exact same spot, I held the kiss way longer than what a mother/son kiss should last. My mom actually had to tell me to "let go". FML
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Your mom kisses you on the lips? O.O

Freudian slip! Just with actions, a bit more creepy.


Freudian slip! Just with actions, a bit more creepy.

Maybe a repressed Oedipal complex?

He should've said "no" and continued to freak her out.

#24 yes! That was the word I was looking for, but I had a brain fart and just went with what I said.

Both are correct

why is FML so into Oedipus?

because fuck Oedipus' life

But did he try to Freudian slip her the tongue?

112- because fuck Oedipus' wife (mother)

Well, that is extremely embarrassing, hopefully your mom has a sense of humor about it. If not..well, could be worse.

That's really creepy dude.

This is totally going in the top FMLs ever. Just wow, dude. That's seriously embarrassing.

Your mom kisses you on the lips? O.O

Which is completely gross

I know people that do this and I think it's weird/awkward/gross too. Kisses from any relative are supposed to happen on the cheek!

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon. I took a picture with my niece in a photo booth at the mall and when I turned to kiss her on the cheek she went for the lips, making me look like a total pedo.

in some families/cultures it's normal give a tiny peck on the lips. it's just society that tells us kisses on the lips are romantic but maybe their family is from somewhere else where that is common

like my spanish teacher (she's from Guatemala) kisses her family members on the lips and she thought we were weird for thinking that it was weird :P

I honestly see nothing wrong with kissing your close relative on the lips (a peck that is), but after a certain age it's time to not do that. My mom and I used to give each other goodnight kisses on the lips. She tried to do that still in my teenage years and I was had to be like "mom.. No.. I'm a big girl now..." lol. Either way, call me harsh but, OP, eventually you shoulda realized it was your mother and NOT have continued.. That's just weird :/ unless you were basically asleep/drunk, you dont get a pass on this.

I still kiss all my family members on the lips... just quick pecks though.

Culture thing? I've paid close attention and watched a lot of movies (ex: The Godfather etc...) in most scenes where the kids say goodnight to their parents, they are often filmed pop kissing each other on the lips. Every time I see that- reality hits and I'm reminded that these are just actors and not actually related. :P

I have a young sister (2 1/2) and ever since she was born when we ask for a kissy she would give you a peck on the mouth. When children are young it's perfectly normal. Also my moms side all kiss each other like that because they are French. That's just how things work. You walk up for a hello hug and get a kiss lol

I was unaware that there was a social stigma about kissing your mother on the lips. Think about it.. she birthed you. She raised you (in most cases, anyway). She held your floppy head when you couldn't. So in all reality, if your mom gives you a kiss, you owe it to her to kiss her back, lips or not. Don't be an ungrateful wimp who doesn't wanna look "unmanly". Mind you, a makeout session is not okay.. but a peck? C'mon.

It's a culture thing. my father is Arabic, and my mom is Hispanic and they both did this to all of us. My cousins now kiss family on the lips and no one thinks anything of it. My boyfriend was like the first one I know who thought it was weird/disgusting, and he's American (not native, but they've been here for generations) I dont think it's weird; theres a difference between pecks and making out. I know for sure in Morocco and Peru it's perfectly normal

I kiss my family members on the lips. Although i may not want to all the time, its really not weird if its a quick peck. And only if its very close family, and not some weird third uncle twice removed.

It really isn't a culture thing. I was born in Chile and no one kisses on the lips here if they are family members. When I moved to the states everyone I knew kissed their family members on the lips. I think it just depends on the family, not the culture.

Exactly. Where I live, we do mostly kiss relatives on the cheek, but when it's really close relatives like a parent we occasionally give light pecks on the lips. It's not like we try to romanticize it.

I kiss my mom, brother, grandma, grandpa.... all on the lips. We've always done it.

I don't think it only has to do with the cultural differences. I'm sure people that got kissed on their lips by close relatives while being kids continue to do that when they have their own kids. I mean I've seen many kids in my own culture getting it

As long as it's a short peck on the lips I don't see the big deal. My mother gives me one occasionally and pretty much no one says anything about except for maybe a few friends.

On my dad's side, we all kiss each other on the lips, and sometimes on my mom's side too. For us, it kinda just depends on the situation and the two people. I don't really think anything of it :)

My mums an Aussie and kisses us on the lips sometime to say goodbye. Only very short pecks though, and I've never thought anything of it. To me it seemed perfectly normal.

my mom kissed me goodnight/goodbye until i was about 13, and it started becoming air kisses or forehead kisses. i still give her a peck every once and a while. its no that uncommon.

I kiss my family members on the lips. It's definitely not a drawn out thing like OP and his mom did though, just a peck, to kind of say "I love you"

Sick. How can you mistake your mother for your girlfriend?

OP didn't say he thought his mom was his girlfriend. He just did it out of habit. Not that it makes it all okay, mind you...

Awkward turtle much?

I like trains

I like zombies!

and kissing any one of these could be a sign of trouble.

More like awkward Komodo Dragon crawling out from underneath your car when you're trying to go work at 6:45am Monday morning.


Yeah, there's no salvaging that situation.

I have the same question #3 does. You kiss your mom on the lips?

A lot of cultures do, especially in Europe. They're a lot more open and chill about stuff like that than your average North American. Kissing a family member on the lips really isn't a big deal as long as it's just a peck and not making out.

a lot of people in the united states kisses close family members on the lips. this isnt that big of a deal people!

Girls love a mommy's boy.

Not that much of a mommy's boy!

Actually we don't. We really don't.

I agree with 49, we REALLY don't. I used to date one and it was awful. His mother was so controlling and overbearing, and their whole relationship just seemed... Off and creepy...

Ewww... Just no.

My boyfriend has his mom as mommy in his phone and i think it's adorable.

No, girls love a boy who respects his mother, not one that lets her control his life.

I think that's a mama's boy right there!

Yeah... I can definitely see this effecting your relationship with your Mother and Girlfriend...