By Anon / Wednesday 20 February 2019 14:00 / United States - Alachua
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By  AkaiKitsune  |  31

There are some stable which will allow owners to board and feed their horse free of charge in exchange for having them as a lease horse. That way you would still own the horses but you wouldn’t be paying all the bills (except vet/farrier if they don’t have their own) and as a lease horse rather then a school horse you wouldn’t have to worry about them being overworked or having dozens of different riders. They would probably have one or two each and they’d be likely at a level where they can’t get farther on a school horse but aren’t financially there to get their own. I’ve had to do that after some expensive medical bills and couldn’t afford everything that went with owning a horse. I was able to exchange barn chores for free vet/farrier. And I had veto power if I thought someone was riding too poorly or was teaching my boy bad habits. And when I got financially stable again I was able to get my horses back to the way things were before. (With the exception of one girl who had only ever ridden my horse and had a show after things went to normal. I let her ride in the show because I know how hard it is to get used to a new horse even without the pressure of a show. She would have lost her entry fee is she had withdrawn and I’m not a complete bitch.)

There’s also a few aid programs depending on where you live that will help owners going through medical issues (either because of physical limitations or expenses for treatment) keep their pets. They pay a portion of the animals needs to help keep the costs down. The idea being that fewer animals end up at a shelter or in poor conditions, not because their original owners didn’t want them but because of a sudden financial burden put upon them which forced them to give up their animals. It costs more to rehab an animal that’s gone through several owners and ended somewhere bad, or to have to take care in its entirety an animal that has been given up, then to help keep the families together in the first place. Or at least that’s the idea.

Don’t admit defeat yet. There may be hope for keeping your horses still.

  mixedupminx  |  8

That's great advice! There are plenty of contracts avaliable on the internet, be sure to make a good one before you lease them. Goodluck! Remember, every horse deserves the love of a 16yo girl, get 2of those girls and have it set up like a "try out period" before their parents commit to buying a horse

By  demix_fml  |  27

Start up a go fund me page, to help with medical bills. There are a lot of nice people out there, willing to help. I’m really sorry you, and your family are going through this. I hope the situation improves x

By  darkshadus  |  10

You have to rehome your horses? cry me a river smh there are people who are chosing to either eat, pay bills or get medication. and you apparently have enough money to care and feed horses so that won't be a worry for you

By  TumblrweedPasses  |  11

Not necessarily, OP
There's steps you can take before it comes to losing the horses
In the meantime, you might have to sacrifice luxuries for a while if you have any (eg any kind of cable tv, sell some bits etc)
I know it's horrible but obviously the horses mean more

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