By needmorelocks - 3/7/2012 05:36 - United States - Santa Paula
Today, my mom called to chew me out for having my sister arrested. My sister broke into my apartment, rearranged my living room, and claimed she now lived with me. She then threatened me with a butcher's knife for not appreciating what she had done. My mom wants me to pay the bail. FML
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  Earth_Bound  |  0

Well if your living on your own your obviously old enough to not have to listen to what your mommy tells you to. Don't bail her OP! They've formed an alliance!

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Seeing as the FML said nothing about bills, I really don't think that's the issue here... What the mom apparently thinks is okay is breaking into people's houses, messing with their personal belongings, and threatening them with weapons. I'd say OP's life sucks for having family like that...

By  rebelliousshroom  |  12

Stand by your decision, do not bail her out. Hopefully the police will figure out that she needs psychiatric help. Blood runs thicker than water, but only to a certain limit... Sorry you have to deal with guilt from your mother on top of it =( FYL