By ApparentlyEmo - United States
Today, my mom called asking for advice on how to flirt with her personal trainer. I thought she was joking and asked her what Dad would think. Turns out they're getting divorced. They decided this three weeks ago. No one told me. FML
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  do20ss  |  4


y would she need help flirting if the trainer got them to get divorced? she was overweight and her soon to be ex hubby dumped her fatass...then she joined a gym and now three weeks n she thinks that since she lost a lil weight(4lbs) she thinks she's 'got it back' and wants to get her lil coochie wet with the trainer, IVE SEEN IT A HUNDRED TIMES

  mmhmm138  |  0

But shes gonna have to deal with the fact that they divorced cuz of her and that shes adopted and that they never really loved her. You know, no offense.

By  MadaZer0  |  8

Hm... So what if you father is divorcing you mom because she's fat! At least she's looking for personal trainers to ride her giant gaping vagina~

But seriously dude... I think people can fit inside there. Your dad is missing out on the greatness known as huge cooch.

  Hanban  |  0

I think there's a surgery called Vaginal Restoration where they stitch up the hole to tighten it and thus feel more sexual pleasure. But then again, these surgeries rarely happen on my nationality. :P

  lickmyjock  |  0

yep, I love the Asian grip. that's why I'm married to an Asian woman. the only other person I had sex with was Asian too. I'm glad I upgraded from that last one, she was Korean. ick. :-P

That was her way of breaking it lightly to you.
Would you rather, one day you walk in the house to see a group of forensics in a crime scene and your mum in the cornor crying with a bloody knife in her hand, saying "I didn't do it"? huh..HUH?

  astro2  |  0

fernando is obviously retarted. My advice is move to another country and wipe those people u call parents out of your life. They'll make you pick sides or worse, watch one or BOTH of your close loving parents that raised you as a toddler, that fed and clothed you, that bathed and loved you... suck face with their "dates". (i.e strangers)

i say just leave them ruin their lives and leave, they obviously dont care about u and only care about themselves.

  Hanban  |  0

Nice leads. Now, if only the OP decided to become an independent person overnight and surmise that she does not need parents, let me know. My sofa's open.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Astro sounds a little bitter...

I've never been through a family divorce but I imagine it sucks at any age. It's not about you though, it's about them. And since you're old enough to apparently live away from home, you can handle this. FYL though

  null_fml  |  11

"Are you one of those guys that has to always one-up everybody else's story?"
"Naww... I knew a guy who was WAY worse at that than me..."

  friedpwnadge  |  25

Oh, poor you. You were too young to fully understand the pain of what your parents did. This person has obviously had both of them very long and developed a bond. Now she'll have to choose after finding out in a painful way.
Self-pitying attention-seeking wanking prick.