By Anonymous - 25/10/2014 02:53 - United States - Naples

Today, my mom called and casually let me know she'd wrecked my iPad after putting it in the dryer with my bed sheets. FML
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Are the bed sheets okay?

Why does your mom do your laundry?


Are the bed sheets okay?

Forget the sheet, is the dryer ok?

Forget the washing machine, I just hope this isn't the same household with rats that climb into appliances. Say no to clean fur!

What the fuck are you talking about?

Probably talking about that fml a little while ago about the mouse in the dishwasher. Joke was terrible though.

Why does your mom do your laundry?

She might not. I've done all my own laundry since I was 16, but if my mom needed some extra clothes to make up a full load she'd take some out of my hamper. She also washes everyones bed sheets every two weeks, always has, and it just made sense for that to carry on until I moved out.

Im a 21 yr old college student and my mom does my laundry. Then again I cook 6 nights a week and help the 7th, and clean the kitchen and vacuum the house once a week.

Because he probably lives at home.... not everyone can afford a house. Or even if he has his own place she could just go around there and help him out now and then....

Hope you have apple care.

No kidding. I would love to see OP show up with the iPad, "uhh it went through the dryer..."

its a apple not a big deal

It's a HUGE deal, they're VERY expensive! Apple cost a lot! And I'm guessing you don't own any apple product

Whenever you spend large amounts of money on any electronic device and it gets damaged due to carelessness you deserved. In this case op should make his mom replace it.

Apple will problably replace it, then op can scam some money out of their mother, now theyll have 2 ipads!

I think he meant it as a joke,like the actual apple

Did she casually offer to replace it?

Her name must be air-wrecka (Erica)

This was bad

And my name is I-don't-get-it (Idungatit it's African maybe)

and your name is dumbasskis I think its Greek or something look it up

Hey, that's my nickname! How'd you know?

please tell me its still under warranty

Doesn't warranty only work when it's apples fault the iPad breaks? (Like a malfunction)

You can get accident warranty, this would qualify as an accident.

There's an app for that.

Too bad the app was only downloaded onto the iPad.

I can understand getting something small caught in the sheets, but an ipad, really?!

If she's doing your laundry then I'm guessing she bought it anyway, could be wrong, but either way I'm sure she didn't mean it. Hopefully your stuff is saved on the iCloud thing.

Sooo because my mom does my laundry she bought all my expensive stuff? I didn't work for them myself? That logic is just stupid. And even if he saved his stuff on icloud, his ipad is still wrecked. And ipads are pretty nice things, although they are way too expensive..

Well that's why I said, could be wrong. I agree it's not a great assumption but if you can "work hard" for all your expensive things I'm sure you're capable of washing your own underwear. I'm guessing you still live at home

Yes, I still live at home. I'm seventeen, my parents would never allow me to move out. I'm also still in highschool. I probably won't move out the next two years, so I can have a life outside of school and work. And it's very normal here to not move out before 20. And yes, my mom also does my laundry. Doesn't mean I don't do anything else. Maybe you should think before you make stupid assumptions about people you don't know.