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Today, my mom broke the news that my dad secretly got married two months ago, to a woman he has been dating for 15 years, and that my parents have actually been divorced for 12 years. They just lied about it this whole time. FML
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This still leaves the question of how old you are, if you're 14 years old, this FML just got juicier.

Why has your mother been okay with this whole charade?


oj101 33

A hat trick of lies.

And you faith and trust in anything your parents had or will say is in the toilet. Flush them...

It is sad because OP will have trouble trusting their own parents now :( No one deserves that!

FilleNoir 21

Wow, I can relate my patents did the same thing. They were divorced for 7+ years. Everyone in my family knew except for my sister and I. Talk about a slap in the face.

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Kids, that's how I met your mother

I'm not going to vote YDI or FYL on this one because you obviously don't deserve it and, if you think about it, your life is quite the opposite of fucked. You have two parents that, despite not wanting to be together, love you so much that they spent 12 years together so that you could have a normal family life. Your life rules (kind of).

tbh, it's not really an fml. they lied to you so you had a happier childhood rather than being torn between two parents. I would have done anything to have two parents that supported me my entire childhood...

I wonder if OPs parents thought they were protecting their children. I came from a broken home, and nothing good comes of it. I think they were wrong to lie to OP, but maybe they did a wrong thing for the right reason.

And how the hell did you never notice?

This still leaves the question of how old you are, if you're 14 years old, this FML just got juicier.

Maybe they did this for you, so that you will be happy with two parents, and once you got older (like now) they hoped you'd understand and so broke the news to you. While I understand your pain, at the same time be grateful that they did this for so long, just for you. Not many divorced parents would go the extra length like this just for their kid

bfsd42 20

I disagree. It would be much better in the long run for the kid to know the truth and maybe have to deal with some hardships at a young age than to be lied to by their parents for so long.

My parents got divorced when I was 4 and split then. It wasn't pleasent for me and now I barely see my dad once every two months. When I was a kid, I barely saw him. So no, it's good that they stayed together otherwise the kid may not have had a good relationship with it's father.

I can relate. My parents divorced and split when I was 5. I spent my whole childhood missing my dad, 'cause I would see him once in a month. My teens were even worse with me seeing him less and him getting together with a woman who was jealous of our distant relationship and separating ourselves even more. I ended up giving up and would only talk to him on the phone. He ended up being killed by the woman I just mentioned. It's been 5 months and I cry every single day, 'cause I gave up on our relationship and I miss him so much. My mom is depressing because of him passing, since she never stopped loving him and never had any other relationship. If my parents had faked, my mom would be happy for having him today and he would still be alive. And I? Who knows, but I wouldn't be so sad now.

I'm so sorry for your loss! Unfortunately this happens more than we would like to think! This happened in my family as well! My best wishes to you and your mom!

I love the way you said it idk why

Maybe but I have divorced parents as well and why yes I assumed my stepfather back then was my dad my parents told me at age 7-8 he wasn't my real father so it's fucked up

Why has your mother been okay with this whole charade?

Because the mother is thick.

perdix 29

#3, that's easy, it's because she just loves his paycheck. As long as he pays the bills and she doesn't have to "service" him, it's a pretty sweet life for her. Why should she care if some other woman wants to bang him more than she does if she's the one on his excellent health insurance plan?

Oh, I'm sorry, it was because the mother is a well-balanced and rational parent. Like the father. o.O

perdix 29

#61, I think people couldn't decide whether "thick" meant stupid or fat. Thick people have thick thumbs ;)

Or they were speaking like Sylvester the Cat (Tweety's enemy). Translation "sick".

*Meant "sick"

I can't help but think OP was lied to and is just really gullible.

I for one find it nice that they didn't tell her that they got divorced, divorce is very hard on kids of any age and they were just saving her from it.

i guess it was because they didn't want to hurt op. i really find it kinda heartwarming that a divorced couple was able to keep this up. my divorced parents cant even talk to each other in a somewhat normal fashion

*waits for op to post another FML saying his parents adopted him, but waited to tell him*

Wow, and I thought my parents kept too much secrets.

They sit on a throne of lies!! Terrible terrible lie!!

Redoxx_fml 22

Not to be confused with the iron throne

Well, at least you can figure out why your dad goes out so often...

You've had 2 parents for your whole life, be happy about that. If it's not working out for them anymore, let them be happy, in being officially seperated now.

Wow, you take this FML very lightly. "You just found out that that your dad is an asshole and that both of your parents are incredibly good liars, but be happy, because they did it for you." Fuck that shit, OP has every right to be pissed off. Also, a happily divorced couple is much, much, muuuuuuch better for the children than having to deal with this bullshit.

Um.. Did anyone notice OP's username?

Haha! Oh, sarcasm.

How did they hide that for 12 years?!? FYL OP

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14--- adorable picture!

Hehe thanks ^.^