By Anonymous - 02/12/2011 17:06 - United States

Today, my mom bought me pepper spray in case anyone tried to "mess" with me. I put it in my purse. Later, a guy snatched my purse before I even had the chance to take out the pepper spray. FML
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cudi504 4

Next time hold it at eye level at all times

cudi504 4

Thanks iv been working out


cudi504 4

Next time hold it at eye level at all times

Nice picture o__O

cudi504 4

Thanks iv been working out

It shows! Your double chin is quite toned.

The 2 he is holding up is his answer to how many large pizzas he will have.

He's got passion in his pants and he's not afraid to show it.

Ohh I thought he was just showing a stick figure walking

Soooo what does all this have to do with the fml?

kalejaxson 5

Hopefully the purse snatcher will think it's deodorant.

Should have said "hold up" and offered him your coat as well. Then proceed to ask him to dinner! Of course he would have to pay since he took your purse! Then he would have given your purse back at the end and all would be well... :P Brownie points to those of you that get the reference.

_MissyJennifer_ 0

LOL nice pic o_o

You've been working out? No one could tell!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

1 is that a 6 pack I see? Bc it shows ;)

I like how no one has actually read his profile description... cause it CLEARLY states that he isn't the fat kid in that picture

Actually, I did! It's called having fun with it :p

^this whole convo just made my day. Thank you.

Shoulda drop kicked him :p

Shoulda worn a fanny pack!

2 where did you find that picture? It's so cute!

2, you changed your pic!! I wanted to know where you got that one with the dog.

My brother showed it to me on the computer, I took a picture of it. I don't know what site though, but you could probably google the quote and see if the image comes up! Good luck :P

Shoot him in the knee with an arrow.

Uma Thurman would have known what to do.

Thats why I carry my 12 inch kabar fighting knife. The pepper spray gives the impression of me being a weak, spineless, scared girl. Always works.

Look out! We got a badass over here!

I was kidding. Id probably run away. I'm wimpy :(

look out! we got a wimp over here!

Look out! We got a polite person over here!

I'm waiting for the next one to say 'Look out! We got a manic-depressive over here!' cuz I feel pretty crazy/flattered right now.

Fx13mz 7

Look out! We got a C-C-Combo Breaker over here!

look out! we got a manic depressive over here!

KA-BAR has a a 7 inch blade!

rexgar2000 10

damn very slow reflexes from your part. it's Luke someone taking my gun from me before I shoot them lol.

But you have an advantage by knowing something about the mugger. The guy who took your gun is called Luke.

That0therguy 4

What if your gun was in your purse?

me_gusta_eso 1

Yeah of course, just tell the mugger to wait a second while you take out your pepper spray.

Buttsexpirate 9

Need a moment? Chew it over with twix! *munch, munch* pulls out tazer gun and makes the robber piss himself.

Omg, whew, 67 I was puzzled as to why he was getting thumbed down and why I didn't chuckle after reading his comment! You life saver, you...

ReesesPuffs 0

Just learn Kung Fu and go apeshit on him next time.

12- cuz people get mugged by the same Person twice VERY often, right?

mind_fucked 4

My mom got mugged once they took her purse it was a "trick" purse u kno y? Bc inside was empty except for a wallet inside, the wallet contained fake credit cards that u get in the mail and mb a dollar and a couple coins! she was carrying around a fake purse? For what? Was she planning on getting mugged?

Yeah really. I get being cautious, but where would she keep her actual stuff?

mind_fucked 4

Well if u must kno we live in a very bad neighborhood and there were a lot of reports of muggings in the area... My mom had an alarm in the car so she would hide her wallet under the seat, and nobody really messed w a car if there was an alarm attached so we got lucky w that!

flockz 19

or you could be like any other normal civilan and hide your wallet in your ass, along with everything else you own. you might have to move the 7th grade english dictionary out of the way first though.

So she would hide the wallet under her car seat? And when she has to pay for something what does she do? This makes no sense

21, if you talk the way you write, it is understandable that you get mugged. 15, to answer your question, for what? She only pretends to buy shit. That is why she carries a fake purse.

Why even carry a purse. It's stupid.

Exactly why bother with a purse when you have a handbag

coolcaarlos 3

That's stupid. Why didn't she just put her shit in her pockets or bra?

I'm not trolling, I just think of you have a handbag with enough pockets in it there is no need for a purse

Capt_Oblivious 10

Thank god you didn't have to use it, it's American, you'd get sued for assaulting your attacker.

You can get sued for anything by criminals nowadays. I just heard a story about a kidnapper suing his victims for no keeping a promise. So fucking stupid...

No, I'm sure it's Chinese.

hateevryone 14