By failed brood mare - 17/11/2013 17:46 - United States - Hollywood

Today, my mom bitched me out for still being single at age 19, and still not having started a family. She considers this "immoral," yet showed nothing but praise for my sister, who's pregnant at 15 and doesn't know which of three guys is the father. FML
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Your mom sounds like a great role model. *sarcasm* Don't feel bad, OP, my grandma gives me a tough time for wanting to finish school before starting a family.

I know. . I'm not your mom but I'm proud of you!


Your mom sounds like a great role model. *sarcasm* Don't feel bad, OP, my grandma gives me a tough time for wanting to finish school before starting a family.

Old fashioned people what can I say. At least you're in school though, I mean she can't be that mad

Wasn't there a very similar fml to this recently? Maybe I'm going crazy.

It could be opposite day, or OP posted this from another horrible, horrible dimension worse than ours.

OP, aside from your future trip with your sister to the Maury show, and possibly the cops, I feel sorry for you about your mom's outlook on life. I'm sure one day you'll find someone you actually want to have a child with and hopefully your mom will understand that. Until then just hang in there!

Great parenting advice, mother *sarcasm*

It's sad that people have to indicate sarcasm in their reply. What is this? The big bang theory

65- she did: Florida

Run away, OP. Run.

84- It's not sad; it's refreshing. No way there should be any confusion with using sarcasm through text.

Yes 57, I think you're talking about the one where the mom made fun of her daughter for not having a boyfriend when she (mom) was pregnant at 16. Is that it?

57, you are definitely not crazy. In addition to 124, there was also one where a woman announced her pregnancy after she and her husband had been trying for years, and her sister got upset with her for "upstaging" her, although she was in high school and didn't know who the father was.

Sadly, I have a mother who is like this, though not baby hungry, just as backwards. She sings the praises of my younger sister and tries to relive her younger years through her. My younger sister goes through boyfriends like its nobodies business, which my mom seems to like the excitement of, and me having the same one for nearly 6 years makes me like the slut to end all sluts (I don't get it either ...) And of course, her constantly changing boyfriends (of usually no more than 4 weeks) are allowed to spend the night and do as they please in her room, and my boyfriend was (I no longer live there) only allowed to stay at our house on the couch in the living room with me during daylight hours. The moms like this seem to only really think about themselves ...

149, I remember that. It pissed me off how stupid people can be.

I know. . I'm not your mom but I'm proud of you!

If the are your standards, be a proud & immoral failure!

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Show it anyway doesn't quite work that way.

if you praise your fifteen year old for being pregnant and "bitch out" your nineteen year old for not fucking every guy she sees… things work any way you want them to work regardless of the way the real world works… unless I'm seeing a pattern that isn't present.

#22 - Joke detection doesn't quite work that way either.

But, but, but... in your profile you say you love a "sence" of humor, no matter what kind. You're such a liar. D: Also, please give me directions on how to "work sarcasm". Is that like working on one's spelling?

43, working spelling is objective while working sarcasm is subjective. There.

83, it was quoted and spelled in context. They definitely meant "sence". Go read 40s profile if you still don't get it.

your mom has some messed up values.

Her morals seem a bit backwards...

And the adward for the best mother goes to..

…every other mother on the planet!! *roaring applause and cheers!*

Because you are Swedish, #7, I will forego your spelling error, and I'll keep the Grammar Nazi army at bay as long as I can. To the death.

All the moms that don't have an FML written about them.*

26, it was obviously a typo. It happens, chill.

34, I was obviously joking, chill.

Can I get your sisters number lol! That sucks OP

Maybe your mom wants to be one of those young grandmothers. "My, you look so young to be a grandma!"

Sounds like your mom has her priorities straight. -_-