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Today, my mom bitched me out and threatened to send me to a Bible camp, after catching me admiring a photo of a bikini model, which is apparently "immoral behavior." This is the same woman who cheated on my dad twice, justifying it by claiming the devil tempted her. FML
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Hypocrites at their finest. Anything is okay for them to do with their religion as their excuse but as soon as someone else does it they're immoral, hellbound people.

I hear there are lots of naughty, naughty girls at bible camp.


Hypocrites at their finest. Anything is okay for them to do with their religion as their excuse but as soon as someone else does it they're immoral, hellbound people.

I swear, people like this make me want to just throw in the towel and be an atheist.

oj101 33

Today's religion is tomorrow's mythology.

21 don't give up your religion unless it makes sense to do so for you. One just does not 'be' atheist or religious, it's what makes sense to them.

21 Being an athiest is not easy at first. I have personally had a bunch of people stop talking to me becuase of it. They were hard core catholics.

51 I think it matters about the people around you, because when I made it public that I atheized, I didn't lose any friends or parents(and most of them were religious) because they weren't the ghetto hardcore kind. It all depends on how the people are.

It can be perfectly easy depending on what your friends are like. All my friends or agnostic, atheist, or easy going Christians.

Op she already know she's going to hell she's just trying to help u not to follow her :P

I'm agnostic. Fuck it all.

Yeah, I hate it when people use examples like this to argue that religious people are all hypocritical or cruel. Religious people are just people like everyone else, and are just as likely to display acts of kindness or cruelty, morality or immorality as anyone else. Belief or non belief has very little effect on what makes a person who they are It's personal strength or weakness that determines the quality of a person. I don't hold this woman's adultery against her any more than I would anyone else. It's that she blames the devil for her transgressions rather than taking personal ownership of her mistakes that tells me she's a bad Christian and a hypocrite. She's also overreacting to her son's behavior. If she were a person who lived up to the same standards that she expects her son to, I would be able to forgive that considering her religious beliefs (although I'd still think she was overreacting) but since she doesn't, then yes, this woman is a terrible hypocrite and person. Of course, that doesn't mean to say all religious people are like that, or that religion has anything to do with her behavior, and anyone who does say that is prejudice. If she were an atheist, she'd probably still be a hypocritical bitch, but it would likely manifest itself in a deferent way.


This thread made me love humanity more. I think this might be the first FML or, anything for that matter (having to do with religion), that didn't consist of people trying to convert each other either way.

Hey 80 heres your fun fact for the day. Long ago about biblical times I believe it was. There used to be a city dedicated to advancing the sciences. It consisted of many religions even athiests. They got along in peace or so history records. Without their achievements, it would have taken us longer to get where we are.

Dude nice pic

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Very well stated, first comment. Even Gandhi said something along the lines of that he doesn't hate Christianity, but he doesn't like Christians because they're just a bunch of hypocrites. Of course, he stated it more eloquently than I did and it's pretty much applicable to any religion. I don't need a religion to tell me what's wrong and what's right. Personally, I'm a much happier person because of it. I don't judge my action based on a what someone wrote in a book. I do believe in God though, and I like to think miracles exist and that coincidences are more than just that. Too many things have happened in my life and I need someone/something to be grateful for all the things people dream of and I had a chance to acquire. But in order to believe there is a higher power above, I don't need to subscribe to a religion. And I am firm believer that the world would be a happier place if religion simply did not exist but to each his own, right?

Wow, I managed to start a long thread of tolerance and respect..... Is there a badge for this?

Look in your and decide.. And Hey Hey we did help you. :)

No 104 I started it!

99, I believe he said, "I would have been a Christian if it hadn't been for Christians." He was referring to an incident in which he tried to go to church, but someone at the door didn't let him in because he didn't like the way he was dressed. I understand that you, like Gandhi, may have had some bad experiences with Christians, but please don't generalize and claim that they are all hypocrites. It's prejudiced and is unfair to many Christians who dedicate their lives to helping others.

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"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Ghandi

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Über hypocritical, yes. Over reacting mother, yes. At the very least she's trying to help her kid not make the same mistakes she's made. I just wish more people could do it in a way that actually helps instead of making it worse like this mother will most likely do

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Um, did any of you actually read my comment? I didn't say that Christians are hypocrites and I wasn't judging anybody, nor was I only talking about Christianity. Where in the world did you all get that from? I mentioned its applicable to all religions. I didn't say all are hypocrites, but I do think that most most are. Calm down. Nothing offensive about anybody's religion was said. Jeez.

I believe most Christians are hypocrites only because most people are hypocrites. I am a fucking hypocrite once in a while even! Most of us are. I am an extremely tolerant atheist, my last girlfriend was a creationist, and though we did have debates from time to time, they were never arguments. She is just another person who has a different point of view on the world and has gone through different things than me that made us who we are. Things didn't work out romantically but we still are great friends, because she is a great person to have in my life, regardless of what she believes.

There is nothing more refreshing and this rare then a thread that restores faith in humanity in people, especially on this topic. I think this is probably the first I have personally seen here. Good job everyone. :)

This is my line. Don't bash on others because of their religion. If you are a Christian, you aren't in position to judge, only God is.

142 Can I use it? I really wanna tell off westborrough.. They've hurt to many.. They almost protested a friend of mines funeral..

It's simple the OP's mom is not a real Christian. Period.

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See this is y i hate religion. Dnt get me wrong i love christ just hate religious hypocrisy. All i will say is this what they do isent from the true God. What there showing isent who is God. Dnt make the mistake of taking mans example and judging God in this way cause many can call themselfs a christian and be a complete stranger to christ

Holy shit, learn to use grammar.

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51- I get bashed for being Christian around my catholic community. I am called rude names everyday. They don't like anyone who isn't catholic. They are like a religious cult, in the sense that if you convert to something other than Catholicism, you are shunned and automatically dammed to hell. (Which, of course, is a false belief on their part.) I was once a catholic, so I know first hand how it is. Most of them are the most hypocritical people I know, at least they are in my area. So, you can get bashed easily by that church.

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Wow dude, you don't "become an atheist" because some people are hypocrites. It's a problem with the person, not the religion as a whole.

179 - Catholic is Christian. It's an umbrella term. Did you mean Anglican, or another denomination to which you belong?

Geometric 18


Geometric 18

See this is y i hate religion. Dnt get me wrong i love christ just hate religious hypocrisy. All i will say is this what they do isent from the true God. What there showing isent who is God. Dnt make the mistake of taking mans example and judging God in this way cause many can call themselfs a christian and be a complete stranger to christ *why *I *Don't *I *Christ *I *I *this, *isn't *their *isn't *Don't *themselves *Christ

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184- They don't accept Christ as their only salvation and they have other scripture other than the Bible. The church is not only based on the word of God. They hold the word of man equal to the word of God. Way back when in Constantine's time, he became Christian. (Not sure if he actually was Christian or not, only God knows.) He made all of the pagans in Rome become Christian, less they would be killed. They did not want to change their pagan ways, so they merely added that tradition to the new Christian belief system they were forced to follow. This meant that there were many false Christians, because they did not want to be killed. They called their church the Roman church and it eventually became Roman Catholic. (Way after the term Christian or the true followers of Christ.) Please remember that I was once catholic, and I would have defended that church no matter what. I got offended when people said they would leave the catholic church. Then one day I questioned one little thing and it snowballed. Now I'm truly Christian.

So very true!

201: Whoa, slow down there, pal. Who's been teaching you this history? It's sorta right... but also sorta really wrong. First, "Christian" refers to anyone who worships Jesus Christ as the savior and son of God. There are many, many, many types of Christianity, including some pretty wacky ones. (At this point it's not helpful to wonder which Christianities are "true"--they all think of themselves as true.) Second, "catholic" (small-c) means "universal" or "comprehensive", and this is where the Roman Catholic Church gets its name. (The "Roman" part is because it's based in Rome.) It basically means "The Universal Church from Rome". Catholics are definitely Christians. In fact, both geographically and demographically throughout history, Catholics have been and still are the largest group of Christians. This, as well as the fact that the Roman Catholic Church has a long history of incorporating popular (pagan) practices, is part of why Catholicism is considered "universal". Based on the way you write about Christianity, my guess is that you're an Evangelical Protestant. (That's a major form of Christianity that's mostly common in the United States.) I understand if you don't like some Catholic practices, but be careful when talking about other people's beliefs. If you say, "I used to be Catholic, but now I'm Christian," you'll sound either obnoxious or dumb; obnoxious because you're implying that Catholics are not Christians (which is, by definition, false), or dumb for the same reason plus the fact that you don't know the proper name of your denomination. Peace

I don't believe in the devil. What you gonna do now

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I'm agnostic... I threw in the towel on trying to understand religion and the ppl who follow long ago... hippocracy and poor excuses are everywhere though... if religion isnt the excuse its alcohol, drugs, stress,etc are... and no one is an exception. everyone makes bad choices and does hippocritical things sometimes... but some ppl, like this mother, take it too far.

I like you. Thanks for not judging all Christians on ones behavior. It happens way to much.

Christians be crazy.

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justspin 7

* in your bikini.

But it's a dude..., But if you mean cross dressing, then "flip her shit" is the right answer.

Well i would assume most people would be suprised to see a boy in a bikini.

justspin 7

Thank you 27. At least someone understands.

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Send him to Bible camp.

I'm pretty sure she would assume he's possessed and send him to live in the church... :S

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54 - he should send his mom to a religious nursing home.

Really?!?! Is she blond, cause that would explain alot

It really wouldn't.

Surfer7456 7

Please elaborate on how her hair color would have any bearing on how this situation was handled...I'll wait patiently.

To answer 41, people with blonde hair have a dominant gene of blonde hair which creates a chemical imbalance in their brain where the hair sprouts from causing them to say irrational and many times meaningless things. :)

Please cite 115, your comment makes no sense

I'm sorry 3, but nobody likes blonde jokes

Blonde hair is a recessive trait...brown hair is dominant.... And pigmentation doesn't do shit to brain waves dumb ass. Some idiots just bleach their hair and when they open their mouths they ruin the reputation of actually intelligent blonde people. And their are idiots of every hair color as well.

LOL and y'all thought I was serious... cute

ryry013 6

I realized you were (hopefully) kidding, but your second comment ruined it for me. Saying that doesn't make anything more right.

115 the down votes weren't due to the fact that we thought you were serious, they were due to the fact that your comment wasn't funny

Serously??? You want a citation on that? It was a joke fooli.

BlueFlatts 20

172 - In order to be funny it has to make sense, and I'm afraid you missed the mark on that one.

Oh lol 180 cuz I'm super worried about the down votes on my FML comment...still kidding.. I suppose my humor is not welcome here. good to know :) sorry if I offended any blondes.. you are all very capable people and are not handicapped in any way based on the color of your hair... Because that would be ridiculous

I hear there are lots of naughty, naughty girls at bible camp.

Often times, children that go to one-sex schools (such as many catholic schools) are much wilder, simply because they aren't used to the other sex. "OMFG GIRLS!" *many rendezvous ensue*

Yup, Doc those are the ladies in the streets and a freak between the sheets.

oj101 33

May The Lord smite thee bible thumper.

philbelfrage 13

I know a girl who lost her virginity at bible camp.

I know a girl, who nows a girl, whose cousin knows a girl, that lost her virginity in a Donkey show with a clown and a midget.

And you wonder why it's usually it's usually the catholic school girls you hear about getting down and dirty. :)

thatKidzmOm 10

My daughter goes to a catholic school...I'm fairly certain it's a parenting thing, not a school thing, that makes some of these girls go crazy. I hope anyway. :-/ those of us who just want a better education for our children would like to believe that good home morals and support will counteract any rebellious behavior. Fingers crossed!

spekledworf 18

One time, at band camp...

Normally catholic schools make kids wilder. Because they are always told e wry thing is bad and then they rebel. And rebelling in teens is a lot worse then any other time.

One time at percussion camp a girl cut her nipple open playing the cymbals!

175, I went to a Catholic school, and now I write "erotic literature."

Lennes 12

Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

*watches as a random stone falls from sky and hits her on the head* :)

Even if Satan/her own lust did tempt her, she should've been a good enough Christian/person to stop herself. FYL

thatKidzmOm 10

Or at least had good enough morals not to screw around on her husband...all religious beliefs aside. That's just messed up.

Hence I said Christian/person.

94yhy 8

Let us know what happens when you get caught jerking it to porn.

You should start admiring pics of her in bikinis in front of her.

And say it was the devil tempting you.

Yeah we're not all hicks like u

8- you want him to admire pics of his mom in a bikini?? You're sick!

*headlines* "Man Kills 20 People and Claims He Was Tempted By the Devil."

jarockstar27 10

Oh wow talk about a hypocrite! Jeez, you not only have to preach the bible but PRACTICE it....