By tiredoffamilydinners - 12/01/2012 05:00 - United States

Today, my mom and siblings got into a fight. Being generally quiet and non-confrontational, I stayed out of it. Shortly thereafter, I was yelled at by my mother for being "ungrateful" and "disrespectful." I still don't know what I did wrong. FML
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Umm... Silence is (not always) golden.

Sounds a lot like my mom. ;p


linkinpark98 23

FYL :/ Lol that sucks xD

You should have stayed out of the house.

You should have bitchslapped that bitch.

eyeIoveyou 4

I hate when my mom does that! If she's angry with one of my siblings, she'll be angry with all three of us >:/

thiscrazything 1

Sorry, OP, but there is just no winning in that situation. Next time maybe you should leave the house for a couple of hours. Angry people say mean things.

RochelleRedvines 8

OP, it's best you just leave her alone until her jets cool down.

Umm... Silence is (not always) golden.

gunmania0 12

Unless you're taking a piss.

Or using duct tape.

Since the original poster put an opposite qualifier in quotes, we can't really say "unless". The person covered all his/her bases. ;)

Buttsexpirate 9

It seems like moms on this site do some pretty wacky, angry things without notice so I think you'll never know OP. Sorry.

she should know that about you. mom's tend to take their anger out on the people they are closest to. sounds like just a temporary rampage

Sounds a lot like my mom. ;p

linkinpark98 23

I think most moms go through this... Including mine. +_+

Yours and mine both. I was called pretty much the same thing for asking my mom to do what she should and not let my brother, who got out of the mental recently, drive with a suspended license since I rely on her and the only car we have.

Androidz 0

When my mom gets pissed at anything she blames me. When she cools down she apologizes. Don't worry OP.

Wow your lucky this apologizing part never happens with me

Yeah same. Mine whips herself into a frenzy of hatred and doesn't back down.

I guess all moms are the same...

It always sucks when you purposely try to avoid conflict yet still get dragged into it.

In which case,the only solution is to kill them both.And to avoid the future confrontation of a trail, admit guilt by way of temporary insanity.

You were there, simple enough of a reason to yell at someone when anger mode is on

Just smile and say, I love you mom :)

puppypuncher 5

Moms when they're angry like to find any reason to yell at anything nearby. While my mother was fuming after an argument with her friend, she came into my room while I was asleep, and began to bring up how I'm a "stupid liar" because I blamed a fart on the cat once.

Aw that's kinda funny but it sucks that mum's always bring up matters from the past which are totally irrelevant to their current anger.