By tiredoffamilydinners - United States
Today, my mom and siblings got into a fight. Being generally quiet and non-confrontational, I stayed out of it. Shortly thereafter, I was yelled at by my mother for being "ungrateful" and "disrespectful." I still don't know what I did wrong. FML
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  girl112891  |  7

Yours and mine both. I was called pretty much the same thing for asking my mom to do what she should and not let my brother, who got out of the mental recently, drive with a suspended license since I rely on her and the only car we have.

  DrJesse  |  10

In which case,the only solution is to kill them both.And to avoid the future confrontation of a trail, admit guilt by way of temporary insanity.

By  puppypuncher  |  5

Moms when they're angry like to find any reason to yell at anything nearby. While my mother was fuming after an argument with her friend, she came into my room while I was asleep, and began to bring up how I'm a "stupid liar" because I blamed a fart on the cat once.