By dinosaurboy - / Saturday 6 February 2010 20:01 / United States
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no... the OP felt the need to type out "boxer briefs" instead of just saying underwear; and he is shopping for them with his mom. so that means he must be a little kid. and i remember, when i was younger, it was uncool for people to wear whitey tighteys, so by actually writing it out it seems like he is just trying to make himself seem older or cooler or something, meaning it was actually whitey tighteys he was buying.

  Ajjas013  |  6

Do they really say that? They call them tightey whiteys here. Whatever though. Admitted there is a serious comparison between tightey whiteys and boxer briefs the OP could be lying. He could be lying about buying boxer breifs to make himself look "cooler" as opposed to him buying tightey whiteys. But something about this makes me doubt that he's lying. If he really wanted to be "cooler" he would of written down that he was buying boxers, and maybe omitting the part about him shopping with his mommy.

  jollykilla704  |  0

you guys are all wrong. boxer briefs are tighty whiteys with a little leg added to it. for when you've got enough package to need the extra support boxers don't give, yet don't wanna look like a giant 5 year old.

  jollykilla704  |  0

underwear 'shopping' is weird at any age. I get a ride with my mom to walmart. look for a pack that says M and then leave. if you're a guy and worried about what your underwear look like youre a very feminine one. only girls look for cute underwear.

  tobyraza  |  0

@9 O.o never thought of that... So...

@OP don't go anywhere near those freaking female perverts.

Haha, no, they were probably just passing that section and saw him.

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