By dinosaurboy - 06/02/2010 20:01 - United States

Today, my mom and I went to the mall to look for some boxer briefs. While looking, I saw two girls I knew from school, so I went over to say hello. At least, that was my plan, but my mom screamed, "Look! These have dinosaurs on them!" They left the store giggling. FML
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Darksect0r13 0

So... did you buy them?

Pretty embarrassing. But most importantly, did you get that pair of awesome dinosaur underwear?


Darksect0r13 0

So... did you buy them?

1800getalife 0

nah I think he was more interested in the ninja turtle ones

Ajjas013 6

NO WAY DINOSAURS! You should've gotten them. Screw the girls when you have dino boxers.

DogmaT_fml 4

It should have MONSTER on it.

Ajjas013 6

In some cases, dinosaurs are monsters.

NO, you've ripped this off from 8 simple rules, you could of atleast changed the wording but, no it's exactly the same.

Bugatti_Veyron 1

I bet they werent even boxers... they were probably whitey tighteys!

garrettjordan 0

just a question why were you with your mom looking for boxers. Unless your like young.

Ajjas013 6

How the hell do you know? Are you some kind of tighty whitey expert?!

Bugatti_Veyron 1

no... the OP felt the need to type out "boxer briefs" instead of just saying underwear; and he is shopping for them with his mom. so that means he must be a little kid. and i remember, when i was younger, it was uncool for people to wear whitey tighteys, so by actually writing it out it seems like he is just trying to make himself seem older or cooler or something, meaning it was actually whitey tighteys he was buying.

Ajjas013 6

Do they really say that? They call them tightey whiteys here. Whatever though. Admitted there is a serious comparison between tightey whiteys and boxer briefs the OP could be lying. He could be lying about buying boxer breifs to make himself look "cooler" as opposed to him buying tightey whiteys. But something about this makes me doubt that he's lying. If he really wanted to be "cooler" he would of written down that he was buying boxers, and maybe omitting the part about him shopping with his mommy.

cam007_fml 0

Usually boxer briefs are a solid color. Unlike regular boxers.

Sonfang 19


tobyraza 0

This is exactly why I can never get a girlfriend. Ah, how I wish that I was allowed to drive alone at this age...

you shoulda said apples make me horny how about you?

you guys are all wrong. boxer briefs are tighty whiteys with a little leg added to it. for when you've got enough package to need the extra support boxers don't give, yet don't wanna look like a giant 5 year old.

ydi for shopping with your mom. Thad why I don't shop with my mom

DrEa_IN2_ur_HART 0

ur a SMARTIE! :D

ok why is this a matter of coolness? no one can see your *tighty whities* anyway op :)


hey. i remember a post when you said you owned that bugatti. but i found that exact pic on google images

..this was on that's so raven..

I'm sorry but why the fuck would you go shopping for underwear with your mom.WTF

girls love the dinosoars....

sounds like an episode of that's so raven :P

Guy+dinosaur underwear= Ladies man >.


He probably couldn't resist!!!!! Hehehehe

Bugatti_Veyron 1

what are you, 10?

seriously, what guy goes shopping for underwear with your mom? that's like me going lingerie shopping with my dad O_O

Ajjas013 6

It's safe to say that OP is at a young age probably between 10-13? Maybe 14? Over protective parents at most.

13 and 14 are high school age. Even that's too old to he shopping with your mom.

I agree 99. and if he's young like 10 or younger I wanna know how he knows about FML..

underwear 'shopping' is weird at any age. I get a ride with my mom to walmart. look for a pack that says M and then leave. if you're a guy and worried about what your underwear look like youre a very feminine one. only girls look for cute underwear.

Ýeah, that works before puberty...


Marcella1016 31

Generally, you start 9th grade at 14

Just gonna put it out there that J Crew underwear is the finest of all

Not fucked til they tell the whole school about your shopping with yo mama like a mama's boy.

Pretty embarrassing. But most importantly, did you get that pair of awesome dinosaur underwear?

elictrogeek 0

dude dinosaurs kick ass, be proud

Towelie_31 0

not if he kills himself from embarresment...

Whiterabbitm1 0

your life doesn't suck you do... honestly how many guys go shopping for underwear with their moms after the age of at the most 10!

tobyraza 0

@8 - How can 11-16 year olds get to the shopping center? Some adult has to drive them, most likely a parent. I still do, and I'm 13.

But that doesn't mean they have to be with you. They could go to a different store while you're shopping.

Marcella1016 31

Who cares? It's just underwear, geez. Stop getting your panties in a bunch.

imperfectclarity 0

Well really, what were those girls doing hanging out near the boys' underwear department?

tobyraza 0

@9 O.o never thought of that... So... @OP don't go anywhere near those freaking female perverts. Haha, no, they were probably just passing that section and saw him.

Um...walking past to get to another section? Kind of a dumb question.

dudeitsdanny 9

You pretty much deserved it for shopping for underwear with your mom. Unless you're a kid, go buy your own underwear, or meet her at the register.

reptar boxers own